IBM Thinkpad replacement drive

What drive should have the right interface to replace a Matshita (panasonic) dvd-rom SR-8178 ?

Looking at the connections on that drive compared to the Liteon SSM-8515S, they look different. what standard am i looking for and any suggestions to what drive will work is appreciated. This lady wants one that does it all, but the best iI could locate was the liteon, but no lightscribe…

ops it is a T-30 thinkpad…

NM guys, I talked her into a pcmcia card with 2 usb 2.0 support and a external LITE-ON DVD Burner with LightScribe Model LH-20A1HX - Retail . that should do the trick don’t you think?


NEC ND-6650 works fine in T23/T30. Lite-On SLW-831S slot-in should work also, but never tried it myself. Don’t forget to cut lower corner (right side) or otherwise the drive will not seat properly. When you have both drives side by side you will understand what I mean. You need to use plastic stuff from your old drive, just move it to the new drive. The whole procedure takes about 2 minutes :).