IBM Thinkpad 600E



Hello Gang,
I was given one of these but of course most everything needs updating. Found Bios updates but I’ve never had a Floppy drive in 3 builds. All I can find are diskette updates. Is there a way to convert the diskette to usb or CD?

If not, will a USB Floppy work?


You can boot with any dos device and execute the update file that way.


Thanks Mr. I don’t know how to do that. Sounds like I should,though.


Googled. Reading about Rufus now. I did this with memtest.


I forgot. Thinkpad won’t boot from usb, have to get it on a cd.


I tried to get it on a cd but NG.


…then use subst to perform the update.


Can you boot this computer ?
If you can what OS is it using ?


Don’t know what subst is.

It boots to win 98se.

It’s a Thinkpad 600e


I thought it might be W98 SE .
This won’t help with you BIOS problem but if you want USB to work a lot better in W98 you need to see if you can still get this file : " NUSB31E.EXE " .
I have a copy if you can’t download it from some web site .
I’m not sure how to get it to you though.
Maybe e-mail.

I have an old IBM desktop still in operation 300PL about the same vintage as the Thinkpad 600e . The BIOS in it is from 2001 & the last one that was created.
It still doesn’t boot with USB even with that BIOS update.

What you are probably going to need to do is get a USB floppy drive.
Get the BIOS diskette & create a bootable CD with it .
I’m not sure how to do that because I’ve never needed to .
My IBM desktop still has a working internal floppy drive.

If someone posts some instructions I will give a go at creating one with the BIOS I have to see if it works . I won’t reflash my BIOS since it is working but I would test it up to that point.


Thanks much. I’ll poke around for the NUSB31E.EXE
I’m going to get the Floppy in a few days. My 1st computer had a floppy, never used it. My next 3…no floppy.


SUBST is a DOS command to avoid using a floppy disk drive even if its necessary to update BIOS etc. :wink:


I’m dying to get into the machine, it’s just one thing after another. Have to get the floppy stuff and the wifi going to get rid of W98. Can’t even get CoreTemp installed because “it expects a newer version”.
Is this stuff fun, or what!
I like win7 but I think I’ll have to go to XP. O well, it’ll work out. It’s going to be my wifes surf and shop lap top but I know she’ll want Pavarotti playing.


On my old IBM I have W98SE on it’s own harddrive .
The main OS is now XP pro but I have the max RAM that the motherboard allows.
768MB. Your laptop probably has less. I would probably use XP home of some version as it’s a bit lighter.

Also from experimenting W98 is hard to surf with.
Opera v10 is the newest browser that works .
I have a portable FF that works with XP so I installed the full version.
I haven’t tried it with W98 yet.
If you keep W98 Avast has an anti-virus that still updates .
It’s free if you can still get it. It’s not their regular version & I can boot into W98 & get the version for you if you need it.


Hello cholla,
Found NUSB31E.EXE. I have some parts arriving today I want to install 1st. I had my CMOS battery jury-rigged and it came apart. That and some 256 ram. What are you using to get 768 ? Haven’t tried an AV yet.

What you are probably going to need to do is get a USB floppy drive.

I might get that today.


Hi skoville ,
My IBM is a 300PL desktop.Manufactured September 1999 .
It has 3 memory slots . Each slot has a 256MB memory stick in it.
3x256=768 .
According to the specs I have for it this is the max amount that the motherboard can handle. It came with one 128 MB stick .


Hey cholla,
Sort of apples and oranges. I’ve got 2 slots that I’m going to put 256 MB in. 512 MB minus the stock memory @32 MB should get me around the block at 480 MB. Maxed out memory for $12. Really gives you a lot of room to experiment with other stuff. I’ll let you know if anything starts smoking. Have a 80G HDD coming in, too. Cheap thrills, LOL.


[QUOTE=skoville;2751560]Sort of apples and oranges.[/QUOTE]

Desktop to laptop comparison yes.

Similar vintage & same manufacturer & OS(W98SE). More alike.

I installed more RAM memory a long time ago so it was more expensive.
Too long for me to remember the price.

Great price you got on the memory.


skoville , I’m posting this with Windows 98 SE .Using IE6 .
Just playing around but it sure is slow.


wow. Sort of getting the hang of going back in time. LOL
Tried to install XP but it kept coming up with missing files and wouldn’t install. Then had to reformat and reinstall 98. Maybe the disk is bad. Have a backup copy but what an ordeal. Getting the HDD set up took about 10 hours to check and format.
If I try to install XP again would you suggest changing to NTFS? I thought I read there was a 40G limit to do that.
I’ve got windows update on line. It just sits there flashing the downloads, I assume it’s installing them? Wasting time if I’m going to install XP.