IBM Thinkpad 2611-451 - Sanyo CD Rom

Downloaded CD Rom flash from IBM for CRD-S372BBT it flashed it to a CRD-S300 with firmware “mini”. Now the CD doesn’t work. Need firmware flash for Sanyo CRD-S372BBT to reflash the drive. Can you help?

Hi Ray! I’ve The Same Problem Right Now. Remember How Did You Do To Solve The Problem? I Deleted The Cd Rom Drivers And I Don’t Even Know The Manufacturer, I Guess Is Sanyo Because You Say So.
I’d Appreciate Any Guide You Can Give Me.
Jorge Gonzalez

This actually might be a different problem. Do you mean you also tried to flash your drive with the wrong firmware, or just deleted the drivers in the PC?

U’r right sir! I just deleted the drivers. I don’t even know what “to flash” is.