IBM protects Oasis promo CD

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Afrayem pointed us to an article at about Oasis’ new album containing a copy protection. IBM and media company Spero Communications are planning to release a free promo CD which will be…

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s u c k m y a s s !!! :frowning:

To record protected music into wave digitally, including protected WMA files, set-up the recording settings for the sound card to disable all recording devices except ‘wave’. Adjust its slider to max and run some recording tool such as Goldwave. Set it to 16-bit, 44.1kHz stereo, click record and play on the protected file player. Stop recording once the track has finished. This is a better method than using an alalogue cable from speaker out-line in. It’s best to test this method with an unprotected MP3 file first :slight_smile:

Well whoopdeedoo. I downloaded the album weeks ago and it kind of sucks. I wouldn’t even listen to it 4 times. Besides inst the whole process just a giant pain in the ass? Why not just give the thing out for free without all the BS and see if people like it enough to buy the entire CD. Or download the damn thing :7

I say give “Total Recorder” a try, eh? It’s the Canadian-way to replace your physical sound card with a virutal sound card. Move to the Great North Land! Virtually of course! :slight_smile:

Oasis…like eminem who gives a rats arse…:7

Hey i thought the new album sounded pretty good…quite alot better than the last one which was ordinary :7

Sounds like a great plan until you get custmers that don’t have the internet and have paid for your software. That is going to suck ass. If you ask me, leave the shit unprotected, save the money that you spend on the protections and lower the cost of the product and that in turn will sell more copies. :slight_smile:

The CD contains 6 tracks. 3 are playable on both a Hi-Fi and PC. The other 3 are encrypted in IBM AAC format and only can be played on a PC while connected to the Internet and up to 4 times. The third Hi-Fi playable track appears to have a watermark, i.e. that continuous accordion sounding note played throughout the song does not sound like it should be there. :frowning: The tone changes approximately one minute into the song. I experimented as before by setting all the recording devices to mute except for wave, which I set to max. I recorded using Goldwave (44.1kHz 16bit stereo) while playing each protected track, trimmed off the silence at the start and end and saved each as a wave. The recorded files sound identical. :7 I wonder if some similar technique could be used for capturing protected images (e.g. pressing printscreen) or capturing the screen to an AVI file for protected video. :9

I think IBM is under estimating the mind of a master Q-IP programmer. :slight_smile: