IBM Hard Drive Failure

My son’s 60gb Deskstar HD has failed. I know about them being called Deathstars before that joke is cracked.

There was no nasty noises coming from it so probably not a head crash.

It just refuses to be recognised by the Bios & won’t spin up. He has 40gb of hard to replace data on it so recovery would be nice.

I suspect that the controller has failed. Now I have an identical drive which I’m prepared to lose if it helps him & providing he buys me a new one.

My plan is to switch over the controllers which looks relatively simple & then start his up.

Opinions would be welcome before I embark on this plan.

since it makes no noise and dont spin i agree its likely the pcb board however not every pcb will work having an identical drive doesnt cut it it must have identical firmware also
and date of manufacture close as possible to the dead drive,go for it but only if the firmware is same its unlikely to work if it have a diffrent firmware

They were bought at the same time & date of manufacture is within a month & most of the printed codes are identical. Not sure which might identify the firmware. Maybe I’ll check the IBM website for a clue to that.

if you have a digital camera take pictures of the sticker in both and upload to and i might figure out which one of the codes is the firmware

edit : and if you dont have a digital camera you can just write it all down

Done. Plus you get a view of my feet.

unfortuntaly i couldnt identify which one of is the firmware but the the part number on both is same and thats good,anyway i found this utility
connect the working one and use it maybe it will say the firmware version and then just look on sticker…

Thanks Phil

I spoke to a data recovery company in the UK & they agree with a controller failure & that my plan has a good chance of working.

So tonight’s the night.

I’ll post back success or failure.

Well it worked. Swapped over the controllers & recovered all the “lost” data. I guess my son owes me big time now.

Thanks for your input.

Hey TimC, what exactly did you swapped?

glad to hear it worked good job :clap: :smiley:
zevia - the pcb you know that green electronic board every hdd have

ah ok, the pcb. I thought it was something else. Thanks guys, I never know about this procedure…

Nor did I until today, but when you’re desparate you’ll try anything. Just like put bent DVD’s in the oven :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be OK to swap the PCB back over to your drive! If you want the data off your drive, you could put the controller board back on that drive, if you didn’t screw it up taking it off. If not, you have a fuly functional deathstar (sorry, had to). So, I dunno what your plan is with 1 controller, and two drives, but maybe you can find one that really did have a head crash. Then you’d have 2 good drives again, (if you can call a deathstar good). Personally I don’t trust hard drives with a better reputation with my data without a backup. :doh: