IBM files for patent of anti-piracy printer

We’ve just posted the following news: IBM files for patent of anti-piracy printer[newsimage][/newsimage]

American technology giant IBM wants to patent a technology that when it ends up in commercial printers, it could stop regular consumers from printing copyright protected content.

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Doubleplusgood! We need this to prevent ThoughtCrime against Big Brother. :cop:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2774678]Doubleplusgood! We need this to prevent ThoughtCrime against Big Brother. :cop:[/QUOTE]

What is this for idiocy - I’ll remove such crap before it ever reaches the printer… And the printer does not ever have internet access… Why on earth would it need that? :disagree:
What I can view on my screen, I can print… on any ‘my’ printer for private use… Try me! :iagree:

lol… people are going to volunteer to use those, or use any kind of file format that supports it?Â

Using the horrible patent system to enforce the horrible copyright system. Now, all we need is a guarantee that the co-called “pirates” will go to prison (presumably without a trial) that just happens to be run by corporations, and the downfall of civilized society will be complete. I guess when that fails, copyright infringers and patent infingers can be forces to compete in the Hunger Games. “Sorry, the government can’t afford to pay the court systems needed to give you a fair trial. They’ve spent all their money on man-eating holograms.”