IBM Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Files

To be released Sept. 16th, this program will be downloadable and cost $35…looks like something i might get: Tivoli

Looks nice, I may look into it as well. :iagree:

Nifty… aren’t there already a half dozen solutions that do this? If not, then yes this is an excellent new program.

there are other CDP solutions out there…personally i’d trust something from IBM over a startup (especially considering that the Tivoli suite has already been proven on the server side)…$35 aint bad either…

Nelson said a key difference between IBM’s new software and products from Microsoft, Revivio and others, is that previous offerings back-up data from snapshots that only update every hour or two.

“The big news is that you never lose any data,” Nelson said about CDP for Files. “Unlike most products out there today that take snapshots of your files every hour or two, with this system you have constant back-up a millisecond after you create the file.”

Good points.

I haven’t read it all yet - to learn about the actual technology they’re using - but the statement

“…with this system you have constant back-up a millisecond after you create the file.”

would seem to be erroneous, since the file needs to be written to HDD first, and SAVED to HDD/ODD/NAS, whatever - rather than “created”. Disk Cache settings, like write-behind caching come into play here

yes - it may be nit-picking , but when backing up data is concerned (especially when you’re talking about a virus executing code and propogating) - you better be precise in your statements (actually in most hardware reviews, I would apply this standard) . Like when a trusted reviewer refers to the newer USB wireless transfer rate as MBps, when it’s clearly mbps – that reviewer needs a new proofreader, or should be let go.

I could be wrong, if it’s taking a snapshot of your memory - and if that’s the way it functions - perhaps big bro has finally teamed up with AV software companies, since good AV software needs access to every part of Disk and Memory.
just some quick observations