iBin – Portable Recycle Bin Can Recover Files From USB Flash Drive

iBin is a portable recycle bin for USB Flash Drives developed with AutoHotKey. The default Recycle Bin feature build into Windows is only useful for storing and recovering deleted files from the local hard disk. When you delete a file from the USB drive, it will be deleted from the device file system as well and is never stored in the default Windows recycle bin. Which means recovering the lost files will be much more difficult(although it is still possible).
Link: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/ibin-portable-recycle-bin-can-recover-files-from-usb-flash-drive/


That’s pretty nifty :cool:

Only the other week I accidentally deleted a bunch of files off one of my sticks, that I hadn’t backed up elsewhere yet :doh:

Doesn’t happen much, but this app looks pretty sweet for the times accidental deletion does happen.

[QUOTE=Arachne;2491412]That’s pretty nifty :cool:[/QUOTE]

My thinking as well, Especially now that USB Flash Drives are getting larger.