I'am seeking a good place to get movies and music from?

I’am seeking a good place to get movies and music from?I’sm seeking somewhere that I can get music and movies that are not messed-up.Pay or free!

it depends on what you’re looking for.

lots of people like the itunes music store for music/tv shows.

Music wise:Rap/Gospel/Raggae
Movie wise: Strictly Horror

Itunes is great. I think you get some free ones for joining.:iagree:

How much is iTunes?And do they charge you per song?I know napster was wanting .99 cents a song

A more descriptive title would help. For free stuff go to archive.org

Blockbuster? Target? Video-o-rama?

Come on man.You’re not funny at all!I’am talking about a torrent site or p2p site.


a great download-site for you .

I’m not sure a Chinese site is much help to members from Crestwood,Kentucky :rolleyes:


Doh! Stupid me! :doh:

Well, how about the internet! Use google, use any search engine, use bittorrent.com, use your mind. Use demonoid or the pirate bay.

Thanks for the information. What a wonderful site! I’ve spent hours there!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

the moderators are watching, no piracy discussion in here. I hate itune, since I never like the format and drm. yahoo is great since they dont have those copy protection thing going on.