Iam after a copy of the sim's for the pc and any other games for the pc




iam after a copy of the sim’s for the pc.
and any other pc games
please email me with list



You’re in the wrong forum, but anyway, take a look at http://merdalor.cjb.net


If ya’r on a fast connection, and are feeling like downloading it, feel free to come to us…Where? check signature!

Share things, don’t sell them!

#isogods on irc.newnet.net

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Have a look here: www.bigfoot.com/~SoftHouse.


Mail me of you need a cd
i have the Sims voor 15 Guilders
and some other games ofcourse

mail me at Kroaxfilez@hotmail.com



I have The Sims and a very large selection of other PC games and software. e-mail me at: elmariachi@elmariachi.screaming.net


We have a lot of cdz. everything. gamez, warez, appz and a lot more. just check our site: http://connect.to/apocalypse!
and mail us.



thank you for your reply’s
i now have a copy of the sim’s
best wishes