I´ve bought 4163B and I think I have a problem



Hey Guys.

I´ve just bought a LG 4163B with firmware A100. My first try with it was to burn some game images I have here in my PC. Nero told me that the media name is GSC003. I bought it thinkink it was 8X but Nero CD-DVD said it´s just 4x. I burned it with nero at 4X in 13 minutes.

The problem starts now, when I try to move the image from the DVD to my HD it gives an error. I don´t know to translate the error from portuguese to english but it´s something like

“It´s not possible to copy the file (name of the file). Error on data(“Ciclic” verification of redundancy)”

And here is a picture of Nero CD-DVD analysing the disc

Is it a bad quality media problem or a DVD writter problem?

Also, do you recommend me to upgrade it´s firmware? If yes, how and where can I find it?

Thank you guys!!

Sorry for my bad english.

[ ]´s Alexis M. Mefano


Please! I want to use my new writter!! :frowning:


seems media problem. easiest way to check it is to buy decent media, e.g., verbatim, TY etc…


Yeah… I thought that

The problem is to find a good media around here. They exist but only inside fancy boxes costing 3x more than normal ones.

And about the firmware, do you think it´s safety to update it? I don´t know how to do that nor which version is the best for 4163.

Make me believe I made a good choice with LG. Please help


Try latest firmware A102. It may enhance compatibility problems.

GSC003 isn’t exactly what I would suggest for 4163B.

You’re in Brasil right ? Well, have some RICOHJPNR01, PRODISCR03 or RITEKG05.

I would suggest some Fujifilm also.


Can you send me any tuturial to update the firmware? Is it dangerous? DO I need to update first to A101 before updating to A102?

Yeah. BraSil… Sorry but there isn´t any name like that written on the DVD. Can you tell me the mark of those?

I think there is no difference between DVD-R and DVD+R, right? I know DVD+R are more expensive.

Thank you very much


Another question.

LG says their FirmWare is not for OEM units. Mine is exactly as a boxed 4163B, is it still OEM? It came in a bag with the LG CD with PowerDVD, Nero, etc, etc, the LG manual, etc.


You have a retail drive, so you can use the firmware from LG. You can go directly from whatever firmware version is currently installed to A102. The only realy danger in flashing firmware is if the power gets cut to the PC while the firmware is in the process of being flashed.


I think I´ll let it how it is. Is it really worth it upgrading to A102? It´s too dangerous. If I buy good media maybe I won´t have any more problem.

Power cut is not a problem, I have no break =p


OMG I´ve got the guts. I did it. Thankfully it all did great!

Btw, what is the version of PowerDVD that come inside that CD? hehehehehe :wink:

Tomorrow I´m gonna buy some real good medias to test my new beauty, thank you guys!!


Get some DVD-R Fujifilm… best bang for the buck


Someone said that he lost his 4163B by upgrading firmware from A100-A102 without installing A101 first, here it went all Ok, windows´s located the driver. Is there any chance of something go wrong?


whats this media…seems alien to me…try getting a TY or MCC code media…pls dun torture your LG this way…kenny will be angry…:smiley:


@eleewhm That’s deal in Brasil… :frowning:


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

If you flash the drive when the computer is connected to a UPS it should be safe.

Don’t buy cheap media. LG or not.



But who bought the media was my father, he doesn´t know about good media, etc. I think I´m gonna use the other media as a freesbie for my dog…

Aout the firmware. Nothing went wrong when I was updating, Í made a bad thing using A102 witout using A101 first?

Thx !


It appears to be all Ok, I bought some good media today and they all went fine.

Iomega and Philips, both 4X DVD-R

I haven´t used Iomega yet but I´m sure it´s top notch. Philips went all Ok, I´ve noticed at Nero that it was possible to burn the 4X media as a 8X media. Is it a good thing to do? Can I see a list showing which medias are good for that? I don´t want to loose a DVD just because of 5/6 minutes less.

Thank you :wink:


GSC003 works fine for me with A102 firmware, although only 4x.


It just sucks. I´m never gonna buy that thing again…

About writting a DVD 4X disc in 8X, anyone can explain me this?


It depends on the media.

If the media supports overspeeding, you’ll be able to burn it.