I´m sorry about this but I DO have to ask it

First I want to tell you that I just can´t understand all that graphics with lines and numbers which is usually posted here.

So here is my question. How is the 4163? I mean, I´m not talking about extreme performance but in durability, compatibility. How good does it work with cheap medias? Because here in Brazil a good media isn´t worth by the cost.

Do you recommend it to a person who will burn a lot of DVD movies, games, data, like 1 to 2 DVD per week?

Please, I have to know it soon because I have now the possibility of buying it and I have to know.

Bye bye!

Yes it seems good from the reviews.

For films it has bitsetting (to make the DVD+R’s look like DVD-ROM’s)
For games it can deal with most protection mechanisms (it’s a “2 sheep”, which is good).

The only “bad” thing is that is really wants good media (Verbatim, TDK etc).

You should really spend a few hours learning what all those “graphics with lines and numbers” really mean. They are important if you want to pick a drive or discs to suit you.

This is not true.
All the media I have tested so far, worked.
One thing that seperates it from the others is the broad media compatibility.
Arita and Ridisk I have recommend costs about 0.38 Euro per piece.
U2 Rocks!!!
P.S.>Alec 1 or 2 DVD per week are not many.
I usually burn 1-2 DVD per day.
I do that when I go to videoclub and bring with me 4-5 films that I can’t see it in a single day so I am backing them up and watching them other days.

I wish I could do that but here at blockbuster 1 dvd costs 6 reais! It´s something like 2 dolars. Normaly a DVD costs 3/4 reais. That´s why I rent no more than 2 per week

There are the machines here (that I don’t like a lot)which if yo rent a film for 8 hours and then take it back, they charge you only 1,30 Euros.
Normally the prices are 1,80-2,00 Euros.
I can be hungry for 1-2 days but can’t live without seeing a film for a long time ;).


I live in Ireland (the most expensive country in the EU, we beat Finland at last)

To rent a DVD costs €4.75+ (about $6.20)

This is inredible.
With so many good directors from there a price like that is madness.

All those movies addicts … well Quentin Tarantino started that way so big bet on your future :cool:

Well I breath cinema.
Not by a illy way.
It’s close to the meaning of life for me.
Well I love my wife too ;).
Thanks anyway.

Terry George
Jim Sheridan

I love movies… I couldn´t find a cheap dvd locator here but when I find I´ll sure rent at least 4 movies per week…

Hehehehhe. About the LG 4163, I don´t think there is Verbatim here in Brazil. Here we have TDK, LG, Sony, maxell, best buy. Are one of these any good?

TDK media is the best…as long as its original hehehe

Maxell Made In Japan ought to be excellent,as should Sony 8X and above media. Even Sony 4X is RicohJPNR01 in India, which is excellent, easily oversped to 8X.

TDK, Sony, and Maxell media should be OK with GSA-4163/5163. LG media… different matter. :wink:

How good is Ridata 8X Silver? I can buy it real cheap around here.

Ought to be RicohJPNR02. Very good media.

Here’s an answer from LG.

DVD+R : SONY, TaiyoYuden, TDK, Ritek, Maxwell, Fuji, Beall, Ricoh
DVD-R : Ricoh, Sony, Ritek, TDK, MKM, JVC, Fujifilm, Maxwell, Beall
DVD+RW : Philips, Ricoh, CMC, Prodisc, TDK, Fuji, JVC, Maxell, MKM
DVD-RW : JVC, Maxell, SONY, MKM, TDK, Ritek, Pioneer

Not detailed enough, but better than nothing.