I´m New and having sector problems



I use cloneCD (Version and when i try to read the safedisc2 copy protected cd, CloneCD says "Failed to read sector"
I am using fast error skip but it Doesnt help. Is it some thing wrong with my cd-recorder - I have an Yamaha CRW2200E.


this is suppose to happen but i had a yammy 2200e and it won’t burn safedisk 2.5xxx.
sometimes i managed to get it to work in the drive itself with hide cdr media but no chance in other drives.
try copying the game (it may take hours) and then enable hide cdr media and play it in the drive itself, you might get lucky!!


i have a Yamaha 3200. could this writer do the trick.


probably your’ll get it to work in the drive with hide… on.

the best way is to try for yourself


Everywhere on the intenet people say - just make an image file of the safedisc2 copy protected game using CloneCD and then use beta blocker to remove the safedisc2 protection and then burn the image file onto a cd. Sounds easy and good but im unable to read the game to an I mage file. Which CD-ROM or Recorder can read these unreadable sectors?


BB doesn’t work with every burner; more info on beta values at quantized.com

read the links in my signature for more info on burning


some guys @ the www.fileforums.com forum have created a safedisc 2.51 unwrapper…give that a try :wink: