I6comp gui

Hi all, this is my first post :iagree:
A friend of mine asked me to develop a gui for i6comp; I’ve done it but it is incomplete because I’m missing something…:doh:
I don’t understand what are groups and how I have to use it… I really cannot understand!:a
With the -f option I see some folder structure and it is good but what about this <*> crazy things; how I’ve to display it?
If some one can help me please I promise that the gui will be uploaded here next week :iagree:.

The documentation is really bad and I have too look at the source code of i6comp for understand something…

Thx for the help :bow:

Ps: the app is written in c#2.0.
I attach an early screenshot.
It will be usefull for someone?

Is this of any help?

According to the readme

New option -f: treat File Groups as directories
Now u can use it instead of -g and specify filegroup name as u would
specify a folder, i.e.:

i6comp a -f data1.cab “English Intel 32 Files” *.dll
(this will add all .dll files in the current dir to the
filegroup “English Intel 32 Files” in data1.cab)
i6comp a -r -f data1.cab “English Intel 32 Files\Lalala*”
(this will add all files and subdirs starting from the
"English Intel 32 Files\Lalala" directory to the subdir
Lalala inside filegroup “English Intel 32 Files” in data1.cab)

Thankyou very much :bigsmile:.
I don’t know what readme you have, maybe because I use i6comp02 that the readme is so ugly :Z.
Again thanks :iagree:.

You like my app? You think it would be useful?
Your opinion (and of others people) is very usefull for me :iagree:.

cheers :smiley:

I have no particular use for your application at the moment, but i would like to have a copy if available for free. :slight_smile: I think it can be very interesting.

Yes, obviusly ;)!
I redistribuite it under GPL!

Thanks! :flower:

Well at least you could tell us what is does :). Extract drivers and cabs from Installshield wizards?