I3-530, 540 or phenon for vm and or running xp, vista and 7. maybe linux later



On Newegg, I read the reviews on I3-530 and 540 which were very positive. My question is: can I run a VM. Also, how can run xp (drivers), Vista, and Windows 7. Later Umbutu. Any suggestion gladly accepted.

In addition. where do I find information to set a VM and which program(s) tu run it. thank you.



if you plan to use virtualization, then check http://ark.intel.com/ if your favourite CPU supports VT features (kind of hardware acceleration for virtual machines). Unlike AMD, Intel loves to disable that feature for their lower priced products.

For the software question, I’d suggest to start with Wikipedia for basic information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_machine