I would like to update my firmware 2510 (mod)

Hi there

I haven’t been here in awhile and would just like to know what the latest writing firmware is for my NEC2510 (originally 2500). The current firmware I’m using is MadDog’s 2F9.

I’m guessing that it’s been superseeded and would like to know what’s available now?

Thanks in advance!


Have a look overhere.

The latest known firmware is the Dell OEM firmware 205c. There’s a modified version with some writing strategy tweaks by Dee. Unfortunately this firmware doesn’t support bitsetting but only auto bitsets DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM.

Other than this, 2.f9 together with 2.18 and the 2500 firmware 1.0a are the latest available firmwares for your drive.

You can find some more details about all these firmwares on Dee’s and my NEC ND2500A page.

Thank you both for your speedy replies.

Having looked at your site, it’s very well presented/navigated and the information is clear and easily understandable.

Having looked at the various options, looks like I’ll stay with my current firmware…maybe invest in a new burner if needed in the future.



I know this is a somewhat old firmware, but is there any way to get the full bitsetting from the 2.F9 firmware and move them into the 205C firmware? I’m not concerned with the media tweaks by Dee (at least for now).

Thanks Liggy & Dee…even if you shoot down my request. :bigsmile:

It might be possible, but Dell firmwares don’t have any bitsetting code at all and I’m a bit lazy :o

Just curious, but is it actually easier to move the writing strategies from v205C into v2.F9?


Im still using the Maddog 2F9 firmware… and hoping to see a new Maddog 2510 firmware soon…