I would like to make an iso image of 2 dvds for one

[qanda]This thread is about the HP 4.0GB EIDE HHD FOR OMNIBOOK 4100. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I would like to burn 2 DVDs to one . I need some guidance in doing this. I would like the 2DVDS to appear as chapters and once placed in the DVD player should play seemlesly, I know it can be done as I did buy a set of 10 copied to 5 but one is not working and I have a chance to make one from the orignals.
I have disk shrink software on my laptop. Please help.

So you have 2 movies on each disc?

ConvertXtoDVD or tmpgenc Authoring Works are two programs that I have recently played with. I put videos from two DVDs onto one DVD.

As far as the ISO part; ConvertXtoDVD can write an ISO instead of burning, if you choose. UltraISO is a standalone app to create/edit ISOs.