I would like to convert cod 2 cd's to dvd

OK here here’s the deal yes I own this game and yes it’s for me personally. I hate having 6 cd’s to install a game and I would like to if possible make the 6 cd’s into dvd or dvd’s if needed please. That way I can let it install without changing the cd’s ever so often. I guess I’m really lazy and all. Any help would be appreciated. I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong spot as well. I looked through the forums and thought this would be ok.

I have the DVD edition so I really don’t know the structure of the CD. Can you tell me if each CD uses a different installer file example


Or if each CD has identical files… If so, then the smarter thing to do is convert each CD into an ISO image and place all 6 on a data DVD…Using ALCOHOL120% you can then mount the images 1 by 1.

P.S. It is my understanding that COD2 uses copy protection and that in North America you are allowed to make archival copies for your own use. You will need to swap the main exe file with one that is “fixed” so to speak, but you won’t be able to update your game… Or you could try making a clone image…you are on your own with the rest… Which is why I purchased the DVD edition in the first place.


Here you go Zumiez.Hope this helps.