I would like to buy DVD writer.. what is the best?

I am looking for the best DVD writer in the market that will burn fast and burn great in any DVD or CD available… any suggestions? thanks

Like just about everyone else, you are looking for the perfect drive. Well, I am sorry to say, I don’t believe it exists.

Each drive has its strengths and its weaknesses. Based on your intended use its your job to research and find a drive that minimizes the weaknesses and maximizes the strengths.

Maybe the site experts can add to this, or disagree with this, but in my opinion the perfect drive doesn’t exist.

I am currently looking to add new drives to a Dell machine and I have looked at the NEC, Plextor, BenQ, Liteon, etc forums for more information. I suggest that you do the same as these are all good drives manufacurers/rebadgers and there is a mountain of information that should help you get to a decision point.

Good luck

Seeker2 is absolutely correct.

First, you need to look at your sources for media and decide which ones you want to use. If you are willing to buy online and live in the US you will not be limited, so get TY or Verbatim.

Second, you need to determine which DVD players you will be using as some are picky and you might need bitsetting. Read up on it; not all burners support it.

Third, you need to determine if you want t rip a lot of DVDs as some burners are faster than others.

Forth, you need to ask yourself if you want to scan your burns for burn quality. You don’t need to if you stick with quality media at rated speeds but a lot of us do and find it rewarding.

Do some reading on these subjects as suggested above. and then you will know more about what you need before you buy.

And to narrow it down a little for you, nec, benq and lg seem to be the most popular and are all pretty good (though not the only good ones). Certain models may be beter than others so like everyone says, check the forums.

Add Liteon to that list. I added a 1693 a few months ago and I have been rather impressed with the scan quality and rip speed.

Best WRITER: Pioneer DVR-109

You’ve come to the right place.

It seems that every couple of months (weeks?) a newer, faster, better drive
comes outs.

After searching this web site, I decided on a NEC 3540 as a USB external drive.

Couldn’t be happier with the performance.
Full speeds, and no coasters (yet).
Stock firmware.

Thank Freaks!

Do your own research, there’s plenty of information to absorb.

I have to disagree. Of the 6 burners I use on a regular basis, the Pioneer 109 has consistently worse error levels. It turns out a decent readable burn, but based on scans it is far from the best writer.

Just look at the ongoing problems users are having with 16X CAV media if you want to stir up a real hornet’s nest.

I am leaning towards the NEC ND-3540A as well. But, if I have read the specs correctly, it does not support bitsetting. On the other hand, I believe I have read a thread on here that would indicate that a few CD Freaks have developed a home grown firmware that unlocks this feature. :clap: If true, I will try it if the drive doesn’t produce readable disks in my standalone which is quite old.

I’m waiting for the BenQ1640, personally. If someone gets a good BenQ1620, they love it (that they don’t have to RMA or otherwise doesn’t die quickly) and get great burns with it, especially with modded fw and using MSCE to swap write strats.

My Pioneer DVR-108 did an abominable burn on the beta value on an MCC003 disk and doesn’t do good quality scanning–I always found it all over the place. Plextor 716a I’d put toward the back of my list b/c of price and lack of solid all-around write strats (and updating them) compared to how the BenQs update theirs well. So I would say Pioneer and Plextor would definitely be at the lowest end of my list, whereas the BenQs would be at the top of mine, since they have some of the best write strats and you can use free software (CDSpeed) to do full burn quality tests on them (whereas Plextor charges you about $20-30 for Plextools Pro and prevents you from using CDSpeed or DVDInfoPro for quality testing. Had I known all this to start, my first burner would have been a BenQ1620, and my second burner a BenQ1640. As it stands, I may very well give away/throw away my Pioneer DVR-108, since it’s just really sitting there for little practical purpose. If I could get someone to buy my 716a, I’d take the money from that to probably get an NEC3520a just to fool with (as it can’t do full burn quality testing [no jitter]).

I got a Sony DRU-710A back in January, and it’s been a real “workhorse” for me…I’ve
burned over 200 DVD’s with it ( using DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink )…No problems so
far, but it depends on what you want to do with your burner…

i’m going to use it to burn DVD… maybe, 5dvd’s a day average. how much is benQ 1640? is it cheap at $100?

BenQ1640 at $100 would be seriously overpriced. If you’re dying to have it, NCIX has it, but it will cost you about $61 USD with shipping from Canada to the US. NewEgg is supposed to have it by the end of next week I’ve heard, and if it’s being offered for $45 USD at NCIX, I would imagine it would be the same at NewEgg.

Have a look and you decide.



I would say - that bang for the buck - you are going to find the NEC 3540 hard to beat for all around performance vs price (Just bought mine for $42 shipped from Newegg) - it just doesn’t get much better than that IMO-


Myself, vote goes out for BenQ 1640. Great stuff, works a charm and you can tweak it. It does Qscan of media, without writing to it, which is a bonus if ur a freak.

Hey Goober… Show me some Quality scores of 99 and I might believe you!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If scanning with 1ECC, the highest score NEC 3540 can get is 98%, that if the max PIF = 1 across the disk. :wink:

Ya and how often has that been seen? :confused:

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