I would like to buy a plain dvd\cd reader



which one do you veterans recommend? Or which forum should I be searching on for reviews and tests?



I’ve had good experiences with NEC products. The current one is ND3530, soon to be replaced by the ND3530. These are good products , loved by most of their users & cheap. They also have lots of modded firmware available.


I dont know where you are located but in the US I would go for the AOpen 1648\AAP pro a very fast reader and it’s only 24.99 from newegg.


Thanks for the choices I will looking into both. :bow:


you mean a cd/dvd-rom drive ? i thought one of the toshibas was regarded as great. can’t recall which…anyone ?


I cannot remember which model/models it was either. I think the toshiba is suposed to be good for it’s very high accuracy/read quality where the aopen is best for speed (though still an accurate/quality reader).


well I have them all Toshiba’s 1502 (1) 1612(2) 1712 (2) 1802 (1) 1912 (2) and as far as I am concerned the AOpen is better.


Have you ever had a disk that would not read on the aopen that would read on one of your toshibas or copy protected cd’s that worked beter on one than the other (not challenging here, I have no idea, just asking).


Have you ever had a disk that would not read on the aopen that would read on one of your toshibas or copy protected cd’s that worked beter on one than the other (not challenging here, I have no idea, just asking).

I have both the Aopen 1648\AAP non pro and the 1648\AAP pro I never had any problems with the non pro not being able to read anything or having any problems with protections. there was ONE problem with the Pro version it had trouble with DVDRW disks ( which wasnt really a problem for me since I dont use DVDRW, but after hearing about the problem I got one and tested it and sure enough my pro wouldnt read it. that was with firmware 1.01 with the new 1.02 firmware released today the pro no longer has any problem reading DVDRW’s.

I think the “great” toshiba drive model you are referring to is the 1712 but that is about the 1712 WITH hacked firmware which removed the riplock. I never used the firmware after going to the site and reading their disclaimer of " dont blame us becuase you can trash your drive and your system applying this hack" I decided to forgoe the hack. dont get me wrong toshiba’s are great drives and not a bad choice at all I just prefer the greater ripping speed of the AOpen.


I think this is what you are refering to but I’m not sure. I am in the market for a rom (maybe two as mine is dying) but as far as the toshiba, I’m not implying it cannot read well fast, but rather, if you have a fucked up disk (badlly burned, scratch, damaged, or even cracked original pressed disk), the toshiba can do beter. In this case you might be using a prog like iso buster. The toshiba that I remember being discussed excelled in that reguard (speed is not relevant because you are running low speed trying to read). Any thought or comparisons in that reguard?


All the toshiba’s I have owned were excellent readers. the buz about the 1712 was the ability to have excellent reading capability with faster ripping. the Toshiba’s were the drive of choice for quite a while back in the CloneCD heyday becuase they were better with copy protections ( which is why I bought them in the first place.)

I have pretty much given up copying games and most my reading/rippping is backing up DVD Movies and the Aopen excels in this area. I havnt had any scratched or damaged Cd’s or DVD’s that the AOpen or the toshiba’s couldnt read but there are one or two that my Lite On 167T would choke on that the Aopen and Toshiba had no problem with. the Toshiba is a great reader but a slow as molasses ripper. the new 1912 model is extremely quiet.


Yo iss-

I totally agree with your views on the AOpen 1648/aap - I am the proud owner of two of them - and I couldn’t be happier about my choice of DVD-ROM-

My experience has been that they will read damn near anything in any condition - I have not experienced a failure yet - even on some pretty fu*ked up rental originals - so far not one coaster burning to good medias using the AOpen 1648/aap and the NEC 3500’s



Buy yourself a Liteon combo drive , not expensive and you won’t need a seperate


Well i did it, i bought the 1648/aap, upgraded the firmware from Aopen’s site and I must say I am already disappointed :sad:
I burned a CD-R using a teac burner and the 1648 had problems reading it where the teac and a kenwood I have read it fine.

I got this drive last night and have only done this one test, I hope this was a 1 time thing cause if it continues it is going right back.

If this drive can’t handle a simple CD-R I can imagine what a DVD will do to it.


I havent had any problems with my Liteon 167T drive it even reads backups of safedisc 3.2(Doom 3, PainKiller, etc.) it slow on read errors but overall great drive. Just make sure to use the latest firmware.


Yo Skawrpion-

Remember that ANY new optical reader/writer has a break in period-

My Aopen 1648/aap’s continue to improve with age and use-

I have never found a DVD or CD disc that has given them any problems-



Oh!! I did not know this, indeed right after I installed the drive I plonked in the CD, guess I will use “real” not burned CDs on it to break it in. How long is the break-in period?

And thanks for the info Bigmike, I was not aware. :bow: :bow:


Hey TimC…
Your current drive is an NEC ND3530 and your replacing it with an NEC ND3530?? Thats a pretty good trick. Or did it crap out on you, and you like it so much your replacing it with another one. Hope thats the case or else you’ve got some pretty god VoDoo your working up.



I think he meant 3520 to be replaced by the 3530. :slight_smile: