I wonder what drive this is


Its a Pacific Digital.:iagree:

I purchased one of these drives about a yr ago it was a rebagded BenQ1640 i reflahed the drive & it’s a BenQ1640 now
Thanks for the heads up I may order another one

Hahaha, I see the same thing too

how does that $25 coupon work?? What is the minimum purchase??
To be Honest, it could be a mumbo jumbo, it could be anything in there, 5X DL speed?? I think it is a typo, I think they mean 5X Ram. If it is a benq with ram support, then hallelujah, it is the almighty holy crappy BenQ 1670

The $25 dollar coupon came off at the final check out I ordered one it was cheap enough for an extra drive If it’s a 1640 it’s a good deal I just have to wait & see I should have it in a couple days

The box doesn’t mention anything about Ram support but I guess with that brand
it’s like a box of chocolates you never know what you’ll get :wink:

I never see a 5X DL burners before except 5X RAM, but will see, he ordered it

In 2005, these were DW1620s. In 2006, they were DW1640s. Now the question is, will we still get a 1640, maybe a 1650, or god forbid, a 1670?

I am really tempted to order 2 of these to get over $50 for free shipping (with a small filler), then, if they turn out to be 1640s or 1650s, keeping both of them, but if they end up being 1620s or anything else, only keeping one and taking another back.

The good thing is that these can be returned to a Staples store. No need to worry about return shipping charges if you’re not satisfied.

Oh, and the return policy on technology is 14 days.

if u r a staples (whatever thier club is called) member all orders have free shipping.

It’s the Staples rewards club and is free to sign up.

See Here

Staples did away with their free shipping for members there is now restrictions to get free shipping.

This is very interesting, and I was tempted for a minute, but…

No free shipping, it will probably cost a minimum of $7 or $8 to ship, that brings the price up to $32 or $33 shipped. Right now, Newegg has free shipping on the LG42N at $27.99, and that is, in my opinion, a better burner than a 1620 or 1640 or 1650 or 1655 (all of which I own). Mind you, the LG will not scan, and my Benq 1655 does better on some media than the LG, but for the majority of media, the LG42N is the best burner I own. Now, if you were guaranteed one of the better Benqs (1620, 1640, 1650, or 1655), then maybe.

Presently owned:

2 x LG-H42N
1 x LG-H10N
2 x Samsgung 203
1 x Samsung 182
2 x Benq 1655
1 x Benq 1650
1 x Benq 1640
1 x Benq 1620
1 x Liteon 20A1S
1 x Liteon 16A7S
1 x Liteon 165H6S
1 x Liteon 160P6S
1 x Liteon 1693
1 x Pioneer 212
1 x Pioneer 111

and some other, older drives …

rw: you are correct sir, no more free shippin under $50.00 if you are a regular rewards club member. rewards club premium members still get free shipping on all orders.

As I already stated, the best advice is to buy two with a small filler of something like pencil cap erasers for $0.58, and then you get free shipping. If you score two 1640s or two 1650s, for $25 each, you might as well keep them. If you don’t like them, just take 'em back to any Staples store. No need to pay for any return shipping. That’s way better than NewEgg.

The one I ordered arrived today
The good news it’s a BenQ1620 built sept 2004 Now all I need to do is change the firmware to BenQ I need to hunt around the BenQ forum to find the firmware & flahing program Anyone know the best program to flash the drive to a BenQ retail drive

Awesome. Thats pretty darn old but great find.

Good News 08dts :clap:

Sweet I’m in for one now for sure …thanks

BENQ downloads page for 1620-