I won 40 seconds boot speed after changing slave to master

I can’t explain why, but when I set both my 411@811’s as master instead as slave I win 40 seconds boot speed.

I know the manual says to set the burners as slave, but I never had any problems setting them as master.

Anyone knows the technical details? I don’t have a clue why it makes such a speed different.

Maybe it helps:
I have running my 4 HD’s on a raid controller.

I always set my LiteOn drives as masters. I don’t have any problems with them. I have the 411, 811, 812@832 and 4 combo drives. All are set as master.(actually they are all set to cable select, but I have the on the end of the cable which is the master position)

maurice sorry to say but i cannot quite understand what you mean.

you have 4 hard drives on a raid and each of the burners is master? so one is on the primary and one on the secondary?

if that is what you mean then it would make the computer boot faster because ATA connections halt when the primary master or secondary master is missing unless the respective ide channel is turned off in the bios.

you might be able to make it boot even faster if you put both devices on the same chain as master and slave and turned off the secondary controller

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to say… My english isn’t the best. I am glad you don’t hear me speak it.

It must be windows that halts the boot. Because when the burners are set to slave, it costs exactly the same time to boot the BIOS (30 seconds). The difference (40 seconds) is won with starting up the OS software (XP).

I am gonna try your trick. I put the two burners on one controller (and turn off the secondary controller). I hope that it still is possible to burn 2 DVD’s at 8x without slowing down.

I let you know!

if it doesn’t work then go ahead and switch back to both drives as masters on primary and secondary ide. these drives are udma-2 which is 33mb/s and even 8x burning is only 11mb/s (2@8x=22mb/s) so with even with controller overhead it should work.