I wish to backup my PS2 original games

Hi Guys

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ok I can backup DVDs and pretty much to speed with DVD Decrypter Shrink and Nero I can muddle round alcohol 120 too so not super noob. :eek:

However I wish to backup my PS2 original games a totally new thing for me I have created an ISO file of a game and burned with Nero to a dvd -r when I try the game on my chipped ps2 I just get read error. :sad:

So please let me know what I am doing wrong please



ok just to add searched all threads read about alcohol and dvd dycrpter I seem to be doingit right using decrypters iso read and write method but not playing saying read error using RytekG05 discs. The PS2 itself is playing other copied games just not my original back ups please help :bow:

Your right in thinking your doing everything right just by reading the disc to an image then burning it again. What speed are you writing the DVD’s at? If its a high speed then try lowering it down to about 2x or 4x. I know its going to take longer to do it but because its writting the disc slower the data gets ‘burnt’ onto the DVD better. If not then i’d say it’s the media your using

Dood… i back up heaps of games and i have found that the disc is usually the problem

I have used tdk for example and it works great for movies but the ps2 hates them.

Just try a few kinds…u will be suprised.

Also you are using the best program i beleive to back up copies of games. simple as insert game, make image, insert blank, and burn image.


Thanks guys like u said it was the disk tried another and worked thanks again for the replys :bigsmile: