I wish for Christmas

If you had one wish for Christmas, what would it be?
It could be a present you would love to receive, a message of good will, a person you would love to meet. Anything at all, but only one wish is allowed.

As we are living in difficult times, it has to be Peace and Love to all Mankind/Womankind.

all hostages being held to be released unconditionly

Comfy slippers.

a cigarette lighter.
(cant smoke without it)

Freedom for all.

And shouldnt the title of this thread be 1 Wish for Christmas?? :cop:

Mad Dog 16X firmware with stock 2FA with the only mod being riplock removed.

Other than that, Good health and good fortune to all my friends, neighbors, family and to the Freaks.

money, money, money - and if this would be counted as 3 wishes, it would be:
MUCH money! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

That everyone is well-educated… (because all other problems–violence, etc.–will fall in its wake)

(Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. -Thomas Jefferson)

As for wishes for the holiday season that have a plausible chance of actually coming true, I have only one, but I won’t post it here online. :wink:

i want a horny girfriend (one or more)

I thought of “liberating North Koreans” before I read your post. Ditto to code65536. :slight_smile:

For more practical concerns, hmmmm, maybe another GSA-5163D will be fine or some pretty new clothes for my daughter may be even better. :slight_smile:

Snow and lots of it :smiley:

I’ll try and be more realistic. My actual wish is a bit too personal for the forum, but other than that… a new (decent) computer just for my room with cable internet. :slight_smile:

Somehow I dont think our answers were the ones Dee had in mind… :smiley:
Us wretched materialists…

Actually, my wish, although i haven’t quite made up my mind, was either an Audi S4 in silver, or peace on earth, the second one seems pretty unlikely, almost as unlikely as me getting a £36.000 motor car from Santa :slight_smile:
So, i changed my mind again, and my wish is.
Just for one day, we can perhaps have peace on earth.

Peace on Earth…Hmmmmm too cold for that in the winter.

i wish to finish my course this year.

but err… she said “Anything at all, but only one wish is allowed” so I still wish for a cigarrette lighter… at least if my heater broke during a snowy day, I can use it to warm up the house.

I was GOING to say peace on earth, but hot damn, an Audi S4? How about an Audi RS4? =) In red or black though.

Wouldn’t you rather an everlasting lighter? :stuck_out_tongue: