I wish a new version would come out

Version 1.0.2 is mostly a bug fix for 1.00. I am hoping for a version 1.? with a copy everything feature?

Buy Pinnacle Instant Copy then.

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with a copy everything feature?

image quality will suffer, that’s for sure !

I don’t give a damn about menus and bonuses anyway, I just love dvd2one as it is now !

what about episode dvds which have each episode in its own vts? Those can be a pain in the ass to convert because you have to do a lot of things manually. If all the needed processes were automated - yup - then dvd2one would be a really great alternative. Fortunately it already works great for most titles out there.

I agree with falco533!!

The last thing I need with dvd2one is copying 1:1!

Therefore you can use IntandCopy.

For copying episode dvd´s with menues I take 2 dvd-r´s.

  • put the menu on first dvd-r´s

  • put ALL *.BUB´s and *.IFO´s on first dvd-r

  • put the VTS_01… and VTS_02…VOB´s on first dvd-r

  • start ifoedit

  • “Get VTS sectors”

  • burn first dvd

  • put the menu on second dvd-r´s

  • put ALL *.BUB´s and *.IFO´s on second dvd-r

  • put the VTS_03… and VTS_04…VOB´s on second dvd-r

  • start ifoedit

  • “Get VTS sectors”

  • burn second dvd

So you will have a real 1:1 copy of your episode-dvd.

Done it with STARGATE SG1. Works fine! :bigsmile:

I tryed to put all episodes on one dvd.
But the result was a very bad quality!
(With both proggies: IC7 and dvd2one!)

I agree in a way with mostly everyone above this reply in this respect. We all have to accept the purpose of what each program was originally designed to do. DVDxCopy is 1:1 by splitting the movie into 2 disks. DVD2One does exactly what the name implies. And Pinnacle Instant Copy has pretty much delivered what it has promised. So we make a choice and an investment in the product that best serves our needs. Future enhancements are a bonus of future developments but are not the main goal of each author’s project. This can be seen in each of their perspective forums. DVDxCopy talks about the “Platinum Edition”, who knows when that will come out and they will charge more for it (unless you bought it before a specific date). DVD2One goals are focused on quality. And Pinnacle IC, well pretty much has it all except for being able to do what the other 2 programs CAN do, at least officially. For example, it can’t make a main movie only (without menus) without a reg hack and it’s not capable of being able to split a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-Rs. So we just have to accept that we have different tools for different preferences. And by buying a certain product we make our choice. So let’s stop complaining about it and encourage each software developer to focus on what they do best.

I think that DVD2one with proper modifications has the capacity to makes 1:1 copy. If the user doesn’t want to to use this feature, just turn it off. However I don’t think it is wise, that because some people don’t like it or need it, this is never implemented. Even ReneB has post that before adding this feature they will make improvements in the transcoder section, and that would be a great advance (even if you don’t want to include menus and extras)… :slight_smile:


I love dvd2one for what it does. I have even gone thru the steps to make a1:1 with ifoedit/update with great results. It will be nice if/when the make dvd2one do 1:1 on it own.

I can’t use instant copy. It crashes everytime for me. I seen others in other forums that have the same problem with no explination to why. I am not willing to rebuild my system to make a $40 dollar program work on my system.

DVD2ONE has work for me everytime with no crashes…rock solid.

so… I wait for the enhancements to come :slight_smile:

The only improvement I would like to see with DVD2one is in the quality department. I can just see a slider control with a quality setting. Of course, the better quality, the longer the transcoding process. This way, speed freaks can do it fast, and quality freeks can do it slow.

Is it is now, I get much better results on > 5GB movies by ripping just the movie and desired audio stream with DVDDecrypter, creating new IFO files with IFOedit, and processing with InstantCopy.

InstantCopy does a much better job at transcoding (obviously, at the cost of speed), as is provable by bitrateviewer and my own eyes.