I will to convert my Lite-On LVW-5002 to Lite-On LVW-5006 - But I need your help

Hi all

I have purchased a LVW5002 DVD recorder. I have already hacked the firmware so the recorder is multi-region and macrovision free. (it already has the 3 hour record function enabled)

I was looking through some of the posts on this board and seen a number of people want to know if the 5002 can be flashed/upgraded to the 5006 using its firmware.

So here’s the deal. Can someone supply me with a UK Lite-On LVW-5006 serial number (not sure if other countries firmware will work) so I can download the firmware and I will flash it on my LVW-5002 DVD recorder.

I will post my finding here in this thread…

I don’t see why this shouldn’t work!

If you compare the 5002 to the 5006 (as you all know) the only thing different is the 5006 writes to +R/+RW/-R/-RW/CD-R/CD-RW discs where as the 5002 writes to +R/RW discs only.

So I’m willing to flash the firmware. I need someones serial number.

Anyone wanna help?


Hi have since opened up my drive and can supply abit more info if it helps:

Inside the machine is the following:

Motherboard - DMN8602-B2 Rev:01
Chipset - LSI Logic DiMenSion 8602-D0

On the sticker on the back of the dvdr is the following:

Model - LVW5002 (3902205050)
S/N - 60245101294 <------ (This is not the serial number I require to flash the unit with)
Manufacture Date: December 04

Hi Gormenghast,

Here is a Lvw5006 serial number.
I have downloaded the firmware using this serial

Its for the uk lvw5006

Good luck

yes good luck, You may get a drive update as well !!

Hi all.

kallixx - Thanks for the serial number!!!

I’m a bit confused here… (not very hard to confuse me)

But the serial number is the same as the one I already have when I purchased the machine yesterday. I have already downloaded it and installed the system firmware (which I then hacked to get region free player) and drive update.

The box and the stickers on the drive both say “LiteOn LVW-5002 DVD Recorder” - Could I already have a LVW-5006? I will hunt around for a DVD-R disc and find out!!!

Stay Tuned…

One thing I did notice is that when you go to the LiteOn website and download the files. You download LVW-5001/LVW-5002/LVW-5004/LVW-5005/LVW-5006 firmware from the same drop down menu.

Well we shall see

Interesting to see what happens but it looks like they use the same firmware and the differences between the two cant be changed by firmware updates.

Hi Robbie-uk

I think they use the same fimware, but have different drives installed in the machines. When I opened up my recorder it looked very much like a IDE cable connecting the drive to the mainboard. So as the firmwares don’t seem to be working. After have now tried DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW discs with no success I think that if I was to replace the actual drive (remove the one from the LVW-5002) and replace it with that of a LVW-5006 then the firmware would let me access the missing features…

At the moment I am trying to see what happends if I use the LVW-5001 and LVW-5005 firmwares…

But at this rate it would be easier to go out and swap out the machine!!!


My finding… You can’t enable any of the features that the 5006 has. The firmware seems to be the same for which ever recorder you have 5001/5002/5004/5005/5006. Its the drive that seems to have the feature

Have you updated the DRIVE firmware?–This is different from the SYSTEM firmware, and maybe is whats needed–The S/N you input to the Liteon site tells them what model you have, and allows you to download the appropriate firmware–Try it with my S/Nos 0104 0740 0076 g2b9 This is for a UK 5004 machine, said by Liteon to be the same as the 5006, but ISNT!–Has different main board and processor.__try this firmware at your own risk–Its not for the 5006, but you can see there is a difference when you input different serials into the web-site. The LOADER/DRIVE firmware for the 5004, the DSU1000, could give you (-) function, but it could also screw your machine…

I have tried system firmware and drive firmware for 5001/5004/5005/5006 and the unit picks up that there is a data disk in the drive but will not load to the update screen which asks you if you want update or not… But load the 5002 serial number which I have displayed on my TV (0104-3244-0094-b205 - this is said to be that of a 5006 unit to) and all I do is update the unit with the features of 5002

hi guys i just opened my lite on lvw - 5002 and i was wondering if i bought a double ended ide cable and a double power conector is there a way to add a hardrive

hi I think it is more the physical drive that is +/- in the 5006