I went to debro country yesterday - and survived!


…Shellharbour, to be precise, to do a service call on the council’s backup system. It would have been nice if not for the pissing down rain and lightning strikes taking out half the city. Took me two hours of peering through the windscreen and going at 80km/h to get home again.

Unfortunately, I did not see debro. Most disappointed. I tried asking people but just got puzzled looks.


Is that a wonder?

Is that a wonder?

Don’t tell me he’s from Shellharbour! The other day I identified his “Where is it?” as South West Rocks where one of my brothers lives on the North Coast and now you tell me he’s from Shellharbour (South Coast), which was founded by my Great, Great Grandfather in 1830’s! (Who also founded the Shellharbour Steam Ship Company back in the mid 1800’s.)
As long as he doen’t turn out to be a relative!!! :Z :Z :wink:

I don’t know if he’s actually from Shellharbour, but I know he’s in the Wollongong area. It’s all out of town for a simple Sydneysider like me.

Dude you cant live in a place called “Wollongong”!
Thats like something Monty Python would make up.
points and laughs at the entire australian continent and ducks for cover behind my plastic umbrella of nicetie

You probably think we all live in tin sheds and keep pet kangaroos, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not. You keep pet Koala’s and live in Coopers Crossing.

We holiday in a place called “Ulladulla” near “Mollymook” and “Yatteyattah”. Further up the coast is “Jerrawangala”. Inland is “Cullulla” and “Sassafras”. I’ve always loved “Wagga Wagga”, and “Wodonga”. Here in Canberra a so called toffee nose place to live is “Jerrabomberra”.

It doesn’t matter how cute they look from a distance, koala bears are grumpy, surly, vicious little bastards, and don’t make good pets.

Flying Doctors! I remember that!

Maybe cause its been rerun since it was first showed on TV. Look now I am talking to myself!

:eek: you still get that dross on your tv, they killed that of here like 30yrs ago.

Wollongong is very famous in the world of Motor Bike Racing, its were Wayne Gardner was born, and iam sure theres another rider from there, i thought it was mick doohan but hes from Brisbane.

what no debro…what a major let down…but it should have been easy to find him …after all he stays on the floor most of the day at work…somethings wrong with his chair…keeps tossing him …:smiley:

Pennsylvania has towns called Blue Balls and Intercourse. So Yatteyattah is like royalty compared the Blue Balls.

Hehe well I havent seen it yes this year (2005 for future records should the nice datestamp to the left fail in the coming millenia) but yes TV-companies have rerun it and then rerun the reruns forever.

In the 80s it was immensely popular (I know these things, remember I was a grown man, almost five year old!) and for the coming 20 years it slowly made its way onto daytime TV. I guess when they run out of stuff to rerun they will bring out the old Doctors again.

We got an Intercourse here too, Blue Balls I’m not too sure of, but thats just down right rude:) How bought a “Wet Beaver Creek”. Check this link for a laugh