I went back one of the biggest long term decisions I have ever made

Yo Geno-

Your thoughts were [B]very well [/B] stated in english IMO-eh!!

Sorry RNR; a little off-topic I know and I don’t want to drag it further that way, but this is really not good general health advice to say it’s perfectly safe to eat raw meat and seafood. It’s basically saying “Hi!” to toxoplasma, salmonella, campylobacter, hepatitis A (and the list goes on…).

not if the meat/seafood han’t been mishandled along the way.

if you’r eunsure of your market and where it came from by all means don’t eat raw foods, but if you shop at reputable markets where fresh foods are kept in the correct temperature conditions i still maintain that there is nothing to worry about.

i used to love carpaccio…there’s nothing wrong with dishes like that or oysters on the half shell or sushi

Poison is fine in moderation. Red wine is poison but is, apparently, meant to be also good for you in small amounts.

Im amazed I don’t feel sick, just ate a load off beef, after 13 years I would have thought my body would try and reject it.


Eating raw fish and raw meat is common in South Korea, called Hwe and Yook Hwe respectively, Yook meaning “land.” Eggs, as well. The only problem is Yook Hwe is very expensive. :slight_smile:


I agreee, if you want a balanced healthy meal make sure your meals are mixed with both the green (vegetables), red (meat) and white (milk, calcium) stuff. Add some fruits and you are as healthy as anyone can be.

The problem is that most supermarket products suck. Either they inject water in chicken meat or put sugar on vegetables. Horrifying.

Personally i try to eat good food at least once a week. This means i go to the local market on a saturday and purchase only fresh goods.

Childhood phase or not. At a very you age you made a decision and you followed through for 13 years. 80% of you life. That decision and action is noteworthy. Not many decisions in life get initiated and acted on for 13 years.
if your choice is correct is for you to decide, but the action, is what I am impressed with.

ben …don’t be too hard on yourself…your in your mid teens…and your tastes will change…as well as your actions…your in the phase of your life where you can make your own decisions…venture out and try new things…if you like eating meat…then do it…if you don’t like it…then no biggie either…just don’t let people make your decisions for you…be the person you were meant to be…vegan or meat eater…either way…your still number one in my book !

Nothing wrong with eating meat. I eat a lot less meat than I used too. What pisses me off are the vegetarians and vegans who say it’s murder to eat animals. They eat plants which are alive. Unless you are a bacteria or plant and use photosynthesis, the only way to receive nourishment is eat another organism.

Whether you eat plants or animals or both, it’s still predation.

Hey Kenshin, I love bul go gi.

I don’t feel guilt about eating meat. Animals are stupid, and glad of it.

If it’s any consolation, I feel sick eating meat, if I think about where it came from … which happens when you find veins in your pie or have to think about ripping it from a bone … ew.

I doubt lions worry about their prey, and after seeing how an eagle ripped the feathers out of a ducks belly & then gutted it with it’s talons, and how some of my parents cows managed to die (by natural stupidity) … I think animals that get killed by humans (in civilised countries at least) are actually quite lucky … as freaky as that sounds.

What a load of bollocks.

You should watch Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” episode on PETA. They are a bunch of raving cultist hypocrites.

Let’s keep it friendly in here, and respect that people have different opinions.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Either make a valid contribution to the argument, or phrase your criticism so we can all have a good laugh.

Amen to this! :bow:
May i add “never feel ashamed about anything you know, don’t know, want or don’t want”

now Mr Belvedere your going to make my head swell :slight_smile: all this praise coming from you is getting to me :bow:

This thread brings back some memories. Yeah i had a go at becoming vegetarian in my early teens. I could just about manage not eating meat 6 days per week. The problem day was always a Sunday, mum would cook a roast for Sunday dinner, i would compromise a little and just have the gravy i thought. But usually some roast beef would always end up on my plate. Anyway, i grew out of it.

As many others have already said. Everything in moderation.