I went back one of the biggest long term decisions I have ever made

When I was 3 years old I decided that the consumption of any meat was wrong. I then refused to eat meat in any form, shortly after my father stopped eating meat also.

This morning (well, very late night whatever you want to call it) after much thought I decided to revert my decision, and cooked and ate red meat. I ate two pieces of pork, my first meat in nearly 13 years. Taking the first bite was a hard thing to do, and I didn’t care for the taste much, probably just because I was so nervous about doing it.

I feel guilt now; it has always been a very big part of me. And I have always been completely obsessive and dedicated to my vegetarianism, right down to gelatine in sweets or rennet in cheese.

I hate to think of what happened as a childhood phase, and I still have many doubts about if or not my choice is correct.

If anybody here has any experience or advice I would be very grateful,



Yo Ben-

Think there is merit to the phrase “Moderation of all things consumed”

Man has thrived for these many years eating meats, vegetables, grains and nuts-

It is that table that mother nature presents to us - the responsibility - is how we consume it-eh!

Eat a steak, not pork…My only advice

i’m surprised you didn’t get sick.

i’m not a vegetarian although i prefer most “fake” meat products to the real thing i still eat chicken and seafood…never red meat or pork (just not a fan.

my roommates in college and a good number of my friends were all vegan, so i understand where you’re coming from with it being a big part of who you are. Just because you’ve changed your mind now doesn’t mean yo’ve gone back on that belief or that it was just a “phase”

think of it as maturing and reevaluating your decisions.

the one thing that vegans/vegetarians get caught up in is the guilt par tof it…they feel tied to a decision because they’ve labelled themselves as such. if the reason you feel guilty or the reason you’re continuing to be vegetarian is because you’re afraid of what people will think after 13 years of it then those are the wrong reasons to be vegetarian in the first place.

if you feel guilty because you honestly don’t think it’s right to eat meat than that’s the right reason to stay vegetarian.

you don’t have to justify your decisions to anyone but yourself. if you no longer feel that eating meat is a big deal then go for it regardless of what other vegetarian friends or non-vegetarian friends might say about it.

(a lot of this applies to straight edge as well which a LOT of my friends have struggled with now that we’re all 21-22 years old so i don’t mean to come off as a knowitall…it’s just something I’ve dealt with with a lot of my friends before.)

also, by eating healthy and supplementing meat products with a lot of vegetarian products as well, you’re still doing a lot more for the world than the people who eat a hamburger at McDonald’s three times a day.

even though you may not decide to be vegetarian any longer, I have no doubt that those values will still cause you to make conscious decisions about food regardless of what you’re eating, and honestly that is always a good thing.


Meat is not good for our health. If you didn’t eat meat for so long, why begin now?

If you eat meat make sure it is cooked well done to avoid those nasty parasites from taking resident in your body.

Make sure you eat a well balanced diet (easy for me to say but not to follow).

I’ve never tasted barbequed Soy Bean.


don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

tofu-cue with Ale! :confused:

I’ll try it.

Thats’s nonsense. Meat contains lots of nice things, like amino acids, which are necessary for us and almost completely absent from vegetables. All foods are good for us, in moderation, as bigmike said. Eat everything! Except poison!

But I love raw meat and raw fish.

as long as the food is fresh and hasn’t been mishandled (properly kept cool and care is taken to avoid cross contamination) it is perfectly safe to eat raw meat/seafood (assuming you’re not a small child or elderly or have a compromised immune system to begin with)

the closer you are to the source, the better. if you caught it, hunted it, etc then you know where it came from…after that you’r eputting trust in your local meat market/fish store. if they are reputable then it’s perfectly safe. if not…then you end up hugging the toilet bowl for a week straight haha.

so ther’es no need to cook things to well done as long as you have common sense.

the question for me Ben is how did you make that decision at the age of 3? Surely it was made for you by your father not eating it and you either not being given meat or wanting to be like Dad?
Moderation in all things is the key to a healthy life they say.

Eat meat if you like it, don’t if you don’t. Chicken is maybe a better place to start but there are so many different tastes and textures.

Maybe it’s your bodies way of telling you you have something missing from your diet? I’ve just started eating salady stuff recently after 40 years of not being able to stand it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve slowed down and don’t require the proteins etc that meat provides.

Out of curiosity, are you quite a small person? Odd question maybe but one of my lifetime veggie mates is tiny.

My father stopped eating red meat about 7 years ago; he still eats fish and chicken. Before that my mother and him (and, with the exception of my father, all my extended family and most of my friends) tried for many years to get me to eat meat again. It was only about 2-3 years ago that my choice was accepted, and I have not had any more complaints about it that time.

As long as I can remember (I cant remember much clearly before 5, just a few hazy memories of single events) I believed eating it was wrong, I guess from a very young age I saw animals as something I liked, and made a connection that they where not something to be killed, harmed or eaten.

I miss it to some level; it was something that made me individual, which to most 15 year olds is something very important. I still think I made the right choice, I see no point trying to be different just for the sake of it.

In response, I do not consider myself small. I am average height, 5’10". I wiegh 145lbs and (without any intention of just being boastful) I am probably the most muscular of all my friends, of which all eat meat. I don’t contribute this to vegetarianism, just a fairly balanced diet (well, as balanced as a vegitarian diet can be) and regular exercise. I am by no means the tallest; some are 5’11” or even 6 foot. I have no idea how much I should weigh, or what my body shape will become like in the months and years from now as a meat eater. My family is of both very tall skinny people (fathers side) or quite short round people (mothers side), I have come out somewhere in between, so I do not think the vegitarianism did anything to stop my growth.

It may well have had a negative impact on my mental development, for example fish oils are known to be very good for mental well-being.

you sound fine at that height and weight Ben. My son is about 6’1" and a similar weight.

I think you summed it up really when you said there’s no point in trying to be individual/different for the sake of it.
You have obviously taken time to come to this momentous decision and if it doesn’t work out or you don’t like it then at least you can go back saying “I’ve tried it, didn’t like it and at least I know now”

you will probably find there are meats you don’t like anyway (I can’t bear liver, kidney etc). Be wary of Maccy D’s, they are sooooo nice :wink:

From the nutritional point of view, meat contain many very useful substances for human metabolism. Eliminating at all meat from diet is an error, but I repeat I’m referring only to the nutritional point of view.

If eating meat made you sick for whatever reason, simply avoid meat. Don’t do anything that could make you feel guilty.

If you can, my suggestion is to insert a little quantity of meat in your diet, in a very gradual manner to give you time to become accustomed. Again, I’m speaking having in mind only the nutritional point of view. Adding a little quantity of meat in your diet will be surely a good thing for your metabolism, but if you feel that it could made you feel sick in any way, don’t eat meat anymore and that’s all: don’t make too complicate thinkings that could only complicate your life but that have no significance and no utility at all.

I hope to have explained in a clear manner; sorry but my english is not perfect :flower:

Personally I figure it is the natural order of things. Some animals must eat meat or they will die. Others do just fine on plants only. Our bodys are designed to need both. While I would never think it wrong if someone didn’t want to eat meat (they have every right to live thier life the way they like), I would expect them to give me the same respect with my choice to eat meat. I would not feel bad or guilty if you do decide to start eating meat. your body is designed to eat meat and needs the proteins meat contains (yea I know you can get enough of some of the proteins/amino acids you need from plants), but nature intended for you to get most of those from meat. you have teeth that are designed for eating meat. your digestive system is setup to digest meat just fine. I’m not trying to get into a which is healthier debate here as that is a discussion without end, but rather just wish to point out that meat is part of what your body is designed to eat. Killing an animal to eat it might be considered cruel to some, but starving animals to death to prevent killing would be just as cruel. It is a nessasary part of nature. We have the luxery of being able to survive with or without it but neither is a wrong decision.
Just my thoughts on it.

fyi @geno888, that has been my understanding of it. You can only get some of the proteins and amino acids your body wants to be healthy form plants. some only come from animal products (from animals that are designed to create these from plants, something our bodys are not designed to do). I just didn’t want to get into a big debate on it as I have seen some argue this point on either side without end. I’m certainly not an expert or a nutritionist and probably couldn’t argue it, though that is my understanding of the way it is.

bear in mind also that our closest relative in the animal world are also omnivores. They are very adept at hunting small monkeys and also use tools to catch termites/ants etc.
The cuddly Chimp is quite a proficient hunter.

Ripit, I agree…totally. As I was reading over the post, it appears you read my thoughts…thank you for stating your perspective clearly and concisely.


I’m not an expert too, but you explained my point very well :slight_smile:

It’s only that my english is not perfect, and a wrong word could make a completely different significance.