I was lead to belive that the lite-on could make 1:1 back-ups?!?! (Mechwarrior 4)

Hi all great forum you got here :bow:

Im greatly in need of your help though. I have recent purchased a Lite-on 48125s (I think I got the right number from the drive) now I thought I was all set to back-up my copy of Mechwarrior 4 black knight add-on, because I didnt want to scratch my original cd. so to cut a long story short I made the images with clone-cd and burnt them all (all of which went fine) but when I come to play the game it states that the wrong CD os in the drive. Now when I activate the ‘Hide-cdr’ bit it works, what gives I was lead to belive that the lite-on could make 1:1 back-ups?!?! I’ve heard about games not working when played in a Cd-r drive, but I only have a Cd-r drive and dont really see the point in buying a CD-rom when drives these days are so cheap.

(the black knight add-on uses some form of Safe-disc2 dont know which version though)

please someone help me am I doing something wrong!?! :confused: :confused:


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it’s part of the protection

if the games see that you try to run it from a cdr it wont start.
you got two options:

  1. get a cd or dvd player (one that cant read ATIP)
  2. use the hide cdr option from ccd

you cant play the game if the cd is in your writer and you dont have something like hide cdr running.

this has nothing to do with the copy being 1:1 or not.

ahh I see, so if I took said back-up to a a friends (he only has a normal Cd-rom) then it would work ok then?

yes it probably will play ok