I was drinking with a couple friends when



while doing mortal damage to a fresh bottle of Jamison’s
(I greatly prefer Bushmills, but…)
when someone was talking about things found (but not bought)
on ebay when somone else asked if there was anything you hope you would NEVER find on ebay…

That conversation kinda took on a life of it’s own (fueled by a second bottle) until I kinda destroyed it by something bizarre enough to make everyone pause…

Now I don’t want to say what I said (and ruin the whole thing) so I’ll start it off with:

a “Porn video collection featuring any close female relative”

and see what others come up with…


Nuclear launch codes that actually work


What kind of booze was that


Enjoying a glass of Glen DeVeron in a Jack Danies glass myself.

Easy task. I even left out a few of pure awful evil that also popped to mind.

legally sold heroin

nuclear waste

the right arm of Adolf Hitler

the blueprints of the White House

all your passwords in plain sight

chinese babies


Remember this was a semi-drunken game of verbal one-up-manship trying to be as twisted as possible and what I came up with was: In either “Second Hand Furnature” or “Celebrity memoribelia” Layne Staley’s Sofa

You know… The One he fatally overdosed on and was found a few WEEKS later…

If anyone can come up with anything MORE bizarre and disturbing to be found on ebay (or similar) bring it on…

And again the liquor used for this exercise was Jameson’s Irish Whisey.
(though I personally prefer Bushmills “Green Label” but will suffer along with Bushmills Black label when no green is available.

These are IRISH whiskey.