I WAS a happy owner of a Benq 1640

I was a happy owner of a Benq Drive till like a month ago. I have a BenQ DW1640. Oh yea, it always kicked ass till some days ago.

To tell you the truth… ok… i used it, i used it a lot and i bought it like 10 months ago.

What happened? The tray now opens when it wants to.
I press the eject button and nothing happens, I press it again and the drive thinks im pressing it to close the tray.
I press the eject button again and sometimes the tray opens and sometimes it does not.

I have to press the open tray button like 4 times every time i want to burn a disk or insert a disk.

This is really bad in terms of quality for me, i feel like the drive is a rock but it was made of cheap plastic and cheap magnets,

Im thinking on buying another dvd burner and im scared of buying a BenQ 1655 burner because maybe it will have the same problem after some months since the drivers are almost the same. But again i think on buying another BenQ because it was very good till it lasted.

My drive came in a sealed box.

Did this happened to anyone in this forum??

Yep, it happens to me every once in a while. I just tap in lightly on the tray and it usually comes out. Usually happens if I haven’t used the drive in a while.

THat’s a common issue. I thought I had fixed it by tightening the screws that keep the drive in place but I was wrong. One or twice a week I have to press several times te eject button until the tray opens.

Thats not restricted to the 1640, one of my 1650 (OEM version) suffers from this from time to time (my other retail 1650 hasn’t done this yet - touch wood) then will be fine for weeks. Usually powering down the system and allowing the normal drive reset during POST will sort it out for a while.

I see this too with my 1640. Just hit eject under properties in windows explorer and it pops right open.

I think i have solved the problem - at least for my drive. Look at the other side of the tray. There you will see something like an “U”. Thats where a pin tightens/hold the tray when it is closed. Use some “Vaseline” or something similar and smear it INTO the “U” so that the pin doesn’t lock the tray any more.
Tell me if it works for your drive!

my 1655 has been playing up with tray issues recently, sometiems i have to use the emergency eject hole, also sometimes the tray will eject fast sometiems slow very odd

Man! and i thought my drive was the only one with that problem!.
I made this topic yesterday and look how many people have the same issue! even in the newest 1655!!!

The benq team should had done something about this problem after 1640, Its very difficult to understand that they did not see this mess with their drives.

I wonder if they are aware of this issue, because this is a big mess, tray wont open? looks like a cheap drive with no quality made in china. :a

I wouldn’t consider the tray problem as a big issue. As mentioned above you can use the Explorer or many other programs with which you can also close the tray. My two BenQ drives do not suffer from this problem.

Every1 who owns a 1640 are all proud of it

I’ve put my 1640 through a ton of use between burns and scanning, although I don’t use it much for ripping anymore. I’ve only had a couple of oddities with my drive, on a couple of occasions the drive would open and close about twice as fast as normal but restarting the computer resolved it. It’s probably in some way related to some of the other issues mentioned in this thread, but it’s only been a very minor issue for me.

It should not bother you pressing two or three time to open the tray if that is the only problem with your drive and having it for almost a year; you might consider having another drive as spare in case you need it.

As I had said in another forum - i find that belt-slip seems to be the problem with mine. Had this issue, but I poke the emergency eject hole while it’s on, provoking a violent eject. Then it seems to work fine, ejects are violent. If i push the tray in hard once or twice, it’s all back to normal again. Slowly the tray gets sluggish and then refuses to do anything - so I do it again. Eight times and still going :slight_smile:

Try at your own risk!

I have a BenQ DW1655 almost for a year, and the burner still his warranty.
Should I send the burner to the [B]RMA[/B]?

I want advices, suggestions… :confused: :rolleyes:

By all means … I would say you should if you don’t mind being without a burner for a while … might get a better or worse one back so it’s a little gamble

What’s wrong with it? Unless it’s broken to the point of not being usable, I would not send it in, as they’re almost certain to send you a different model (and an inferior one). That has been happening to most people that have sent in their Benq 1640/1650/1655’s recently from what I’ve read on here, they have been sending back crap like the DQ60 and with more recent RMAs the 1670 (also a very mediocre burner in comparison to the 1655). I guess it depends upon whether you’d mind or even notice the difference in a 1655 vs. some of the lesser replacements, if you are only a very casual user then you may not even care.

that’s right … should’ve asked what was wrong, was assuming that it was the problem listed at the beginning of the thread - but if it is, and you wanna keep your burner - try my suggestion (scroll up) and see whether you can revive it first …

It all looks like mechanical problems to me, open and close the trays of your drives 10 times every week even you have no other ways of using them could potentially avoid these problems, and it is fun in the process. :wink:

The only one drive manufacturer than is not made in China I could think of is Plextoer which has just gone already, and there seesm to be out of luck for any thing else on this planet :wink:

My 1640 just started doing this as well. WTF? After turning on the PC it usually doesn’t eject. Sometimes it will eject but then not go back in. After enough prodding it eventually starts working. But then once I shut down the PC, it starts again. :doh:

Sometimes the BenQ drives become locked and won’t eject. You can unlock them by using ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter. Go to Tools —> Drive —> Unlock tray. Then select “eject” or press the button on the drive. This always works when my drives won’t open!