I want to underclock my DVD Drive

I have a Pioneer DVD Drive, I think it’s a 12x, not sure, cant remember the model number unfortunately, but my question is, is there a tool which will stop the drive from spinning up so fast and making so much noise.

I have a PC down my bedroom which i like to watch movies on and at night time it seems so loud and most of the nise is from the vibrations of the DVD drive, if i could limit the drive to say 2x (1x is all it needs to play a DVD isnt it?) then it wouldnt make as much vibrations correct.

Is there any way of doing this?

The only program i had heard of for this was Nero Drive Speed however it will only change the read speed on CD’s for my drive and not DVD’s.

A DVD drive will speed at 1x-2x while playing a DVD movie. Hell, it won’t make much noise until it reaches 7x-8x. But that’s from my experience w/ the Lite-On 166S.

If your Pioneer’s making excessive noise while playing a DVD movie, then you have a serious problem. I’d recommend returning the drive and get a Toshiba DVD drive, which is said by many to have the lower volumn even at high speeds.

AnyDVD can (umong other things) limit the speed of the drive as well.