I want to transfer my video collection on to CD

Hi newbie here. Running a Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop with 1 gig of ram a Plextor DVD/CD ROM PX708A and a 80 gig HD. Also running a NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 200 Video card. I want to transfer my video collection on to CD when I ran across the phrase depending on your capture card and wondered what it ment.

Is your video collection on your hard drive or in the form of VHS tapes, DVDs, etc… If their on your hard drive you won’t need a capture card.

They are all on video tape

many camera shops will do this for you at a price. however to do it yourself i reccoment a pinnicle box or ati all-in-wonder video card.

So the particular video card that I hyave now wouldn’t work?

maybe i dunno, what make/model is it

does it have DVI-IN

what tv do you have and does it have a free scart socket or s-vhs

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Video card with no hook ups for the VCR so it looks like I’ll need a new video card or try to find these films in line. Just out of curiosity what is DVI-IN and my TV is a older model Sony with scart socket’s

You have a couple of options, as bcn suggested, a pinnacle or other “capture” box or card will allow you to capture the movie directly to your hard drive and burn to dvd.

Another option would be to invest in a set top dvr with a dvd burner…but this will not work if they are factory vhs tapes as most are macrovision protected.

Either way, you need to invest in a little more hardware for this as a DIY project. I don’t think the camera shop is the way to go unless your backing up home movies.

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Ok call me dumb but you lost me here. I went to Pinnacle’s site and couldn’t figure out which one I needed.

a site like new egg or tiger direct may be more helpful…type in video capture on search…plextor makes a nice box also…:slight_smile:

Cool thanks

Hi, what you really need is a Canopus ADVC100 external Capture Card.
You can set this up yourself, quite easy, even for Newbies.
It has both PAL & NTSC, so good for most countries.
You will also need to purchase some good software to do this project, Adobe Premier 6.0 or better.
Hope this helps

thanks but too pricie i’m on a fixed income

trz amayon and search “pinnicle” or maybe the best thing to do would be to phone the pinnicle helpline, as far as i know pinnicle make the best tv-pc transver boxes

What you’re looking for is a plain capture card.
A decent and affordable capture card go for the Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert, around 50 bucks @ newegg.com .
Keep in mind that VHS tapes are quite nosiy and may need to polishing.

Below is an example, the filtering is not perfect but it’s not that bad for 10 minutes work. Color levels needs to be tuned for instance on the filtered output.


Filtered output:


I have one of those winfast 2000 expert cards my problem is that the vhs movie(Local Footy Games) is to long for the DVD, How do i compress the VHS file to suit the DVD ?

Call me DADS

  1. Use a capture program that uses WDM, iuVCR for instance.
  2. Capture using HuffYUV compression (you’ll most likely want to filter/edit your capture) in 720x576 or “Full PAL” depending on how well your capture card scales. Use PCM as Audio compression in 16-bit Stereo, 48kHz. (~30Gb/h)
  3. Filter/Cut (you’ll need to rescale if you used “Full PAL” res) using AVISynth
  4. Fix up the audio stream, adjust volume and encode to MPEG Layer 2 (MP2) using tooLAME.
  5. Install TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.X
    Grab the ReadAVS plug-in for TMPGEnc and install.
    Fire up TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.X (never used XPress), and follow the wizard and set the avs script as source.
  6. Author using DVD-Lab/TMPGEnc DVD Author and burn your DVD.

Thank you i will try your words of wisdom :slight_smile: