I want to sell my cd,I need protect!

My cd has 14 songs.THis is the demo mp3
I try ccd-lock,CAP and EAL to protect my cd.But maybe I do not correct.The protect cd can’t play in my discman!For example I use CAP,when I use catus data sheild, the cd not play,when I use sys protect,the cd play but no sound!Who can help me?

CAP & CCD-Lock have compatibily issues with standalone CD players.Is maskes the audio tracks with data ones.Simply changes the 0x00 (audio) to 0x04 (data) control in the CCD file.
Maybe try to fix the lead-out lenght of the prepared image.But probabli You will still have problems with that.But try at least :slight_smile:

Are You trying to sell your own songs???

but you can listen,I think it’s good.

Have I told you lately that I really dislike crosspostings…

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