I want to sell my cd,I need protect!



THis is my edit cd mp3 download address
I think every one listen it will think that’s a good music!
But I don’t know how to1protect it!I use ccd-lock,cap and EAL,but the protect can’t play in discman!Who can help me?


sorry, this mix sux :Z

(don’t take that too seriously, you know, its all just personal taste :wink: )


Query … why do you supply us the mp3 , when you want to sell it ? Everyone on the internet has free access to this forum , you know.


My cd has 14 songs.I just make a mix mp3 for people to test listen.This is not the whole song.And I want to protect my cd,help!!


maybe not good,but next time I will mix better


What about Hexalock?


And how to use it?Is it can protect audiocd?


Dudes m very new here this is my very 1st Post but neways .

Hi I use CD SHIELD to protect my Data on the Cd

if u guys need more info le me know



You’ve tried them, and you want to inflict this on other users - having discovered just why nobody likes audio protections that all involved some measure of deliberately screwing up the CD.

Test it in a more ordinary player, one you know will read an audio CD written normally by the same drive on the same media.

Audio protection is a potential problem for any player that is capable of more than just audio.