I want to rip my anime dvds



I’m sorry if this question is dumb. I have a lot of anime dvds to backups (I want to encode them later in xvid), but for most of them, say there is four episodes on the disc, they are all embedded into one playfile (ifo?), and thus I cannot rip them easily with DVD Decrypter say. And when I do try to rip them scene by scene they always get mixed up. I’m also sorry if this is not clear, would there be a simple way for me to get the separate episode with the audio tracks and subs, so I could after encode them in a row with a program like AutoGordianKnot?



Why get bad xvid quality when you cap rip them to the originall with Dvdfab


I have not interests whatsover in converting onto one or multiple DVD5, I want efficient and compact files to put burn multiple episodes for my MPEG-4 DVD players, that is why. Thanks for your link. :wink:


You’re using IFO mode and they’re still getting mixed up? That’s a little weird, I’ve never had that happen to me with any of my anime DVDs. I guess if you can rip the whole thing from start to finish; you could then chop it up into episodes, either before encoding with Cuttermaran, or after with VirtualDubMod.


I guess I must make a Colombus’ egg here. Mr. Horse, the problem lies with the fact that the episodes are say a 1:10 hour string instead of three episodes of about 23 minutes each, yes I use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode but I cannot them them individually, which I really like.


Guess your only option is too chop them up then. You can get those programs I mentioned from the download page on doom9.org (in case you didn’t already know).


Getting those proggies really is not a problem, it’s chopping them up that is. I knew about them and that possibility, but I really wanted something much simpler. Thanks anyway dude. :slight_smile: