I want to rip and burn slowly



Usually it’s the other way around. People wanting to rip and burn faster. But, I would like to rip and burn very slowly. I have a SONY DVD RW DW-Q120A PYS3 burner. Is there a way to slow my burner down so I can rip and burn at 1X? It seems the slowest I can go is 4X. I’ve tried a couple different burning applications with no such luck. Also, I’m trying to do this for CDs. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Burning speed is determined by information stored in the firmware, and no burning software can change these information.

However, with currently available media (mostly 16x rated) it’s not a good idea to burn slower than 8x. Usually with 16x media best results can be obtained burning @12x or @8x, whereas @4x results can be really poor.

The only way to burn @1x is using an older hardware and low speed rated media (both really difficult to find).

Just a curiosity: why do you want to burn @1x?


Burning at very slow speeds with higher speed media is generally a very bad idea. Ripping at slow speeds can be done by adjusting the rip speed in the ripping program (such as DVD Decrypter). If the program doesn’t have that adjustment, you can run a program in the background such as ‘CDBremse’, which lets you control the speed of the drive (doesn’t always work with all drives though).


Quite a few people have said that using slow speeds give the best results when backing up a navigation cd/dvd.


Nevertheless, you will not be able to backup such a disc successfully ever.


Slowing the rip process do not effect any quality but in burning phase you want to burn with slower speed just set the burning speed at what ever you want and proceed.

    I use to test my DVD recordings and i can tell they're wrong. 

there’s no way to write slower with your drive unless you flash it with a modified firmware.