I want to put a 4.9GB film onto another disc, but dont really know how

Hello, I have a DVD which is just over 4.9GBs. I want to put it onto another disc, but dont really know how.

I cant play DVD-Discs in my DVD-Rom so I cant use DVD Shrink.
I only want the actual film, not any of the special features or anything. I’m not too bothered about the quality either.

Is there a free program which will just let me copy the actual film to my computer, then burn it straight to disk?

Stephen :slight_smile:

What do you mean with “I can’t play DVD-Discs in my DVD-Rom” ???

If it refuses the content of the disc you will be out of luck with any tool.

Do you want to convert it to vcd/svcd or do you have a dvd writer ?

You could try smartripper, but I doubt that the tool is your problem…

I have a DVD-Writer and DVD-Rom, DVDs dont seem to work in my DVD-Rom anymore. So I have to copy the files to my computer.

I copied a DVD to my computer earlier on. Then I tried to burn it. I put all the files in the video_ts folder. I have 2 DVD players and it wont play in any of them, I have a copies so I know they should work.

DVD shrink can backup the entire movie or part of it to your computer’s hard drive. You can use program like PowerDVD to playback from the hard drive. You just need to point the program to the folder where you’ve stored the movie. Nero, RecordNow & CloneDVD can all burn the movie from your hard drive to a DVD, provided you’ve shrinked it to fit.

Remember to set the booktype to DVD-ROM if you want to have a better chance of playback on standalone DVD players :slight_smile: :wink: