I want to play BF2 Deluxe without the cd



I have originall BF2 Deulax edition and my cd and dvd drivers is messed up so i was wondering if you guys could help me, i wont to play the game without the cd. I tried the stupid no cd patch but it ****** sucks, i dont have all the servers that i had befor i ll have like 32 servers and originally i had liike 4500. So now i reinstalled the game and installed it again but dont won to use the cd cas my somputer will start skipping some how. So plz any advice how to mount the image cas i am new at this stuff. I wont to have everything that i had before though when i inserted the cd.



Why don’t you fix the drivers then?

I think discusing cd patches is not going along with the forum rules. Or is it?


Depending on the copy protection schematics inside the originally executed BF content and/or the crack/patch/no cd workaround the illegal file have done your registry and drivers may be quite messed up.

I suggest removing every shred of evidence of BF on your computer (registry cleaner as well) and do a nice clean reinstall of the application. It seems that whoever wrote that crappy hack, wasn’t very good at it.

Check if GameJackal or Alcohol 120% can cope with BF’s copy protection schematics.


@Arkan: …and don’t mention “NoCD” cracks that involve changed .exe files.