I want to mod my PS2, without involving hardmodding... possible?


Recently, I’ve decided I should mod my PS2 so it can read my backup discs, since my legal DMC1 had a terror on it and I needed to backup…

I’ve heard about a lot of softmods, exploits etc. I read the stickies but they info is little and the links are dead in the water.

Thanks in advance.

muaddib :bow:

You can use a boot disc - although for all things PS2 mod related I would have a look here http://www.ps2nfo.com/

Independence exploit with hdloader from the memory card. Works great with the latest Zero-x .07c patch

Can you guys explain a little better? That site was nice, informative and all, but it didn’t gave me a simple, step-by-step guide. And the link for the Independence Exploit link isn’t working.

Also, let me clarify a few things: I have one of the old revision PS2, without a Net adapter. I have plenty of PS2 discs, and a 8mb mem card. My PS2 is PAL.

Anjilslaire, i would like to get more info about this issue. This is the kind of thing i want, so I can run my game backups…

Thanks a TON in advance.


you need a network adapter, to connect your own (preferably largish) hard drive to load games from, for starters.

Yup, the HDLoader or HDAdvance method is the best option for no solder PS2 mods ATM. As far as softmods/xploits that is all related to XBOX.

OK, got it, thanks!
I guess I look for a chip and someone to solder it for me.

If you can find a trusted installer and can afford to do it, it is the most trouble free method. The Swap methods are always out of date before they are released and can get rediculous with some games. Not to mention it is always the last one of the mod options to get patches, fixes, ect. released. To my knowledge there is still no way to play a backup of GT4 with the Swap discs.

GT4 can be played off the hard drive though. Zero-X’s .07c patch does wonders.

If I can ask as well while we’re all on the subject, I intend to mod my PS2 also, but I do not want to apply a mod chip to my console, tho it seems to be quite the rage.

The method I had in was one I saw on a fateful screensavers episode before techtv turned into the smolder pit I also refer to as G4. The bit on the show they did was using a online adapter+a hard drive inserted into it to save games onto the hard-drive so they can be recalled for later use WITHOUT need of the intial game disk. All of the transfers from disk->drive happend on the PS2, if I recall correctly. However, I my memeory could be flawed.

Does this sound like a method we have seen before? Or did I just forget soemthing they mentioned on the show?

To summarrize again what I believe that modding method was:
A PS2 with an online adapter,
a hard drive inserted into the /\above/\ online adapter.
As the PS2 boots up, the hard-drive enables you to copy an inserted game disk’s information onto the hard drive, so games can be played off the hard drive without the game-disk.

again, is this an actuall PS2 modification method.

thank you-Demonologist437

PS: sorry about the wall o’ text

Yes that method is the HDAdvance/HD Loader method that I mentioned above. You will need to purchase the HD Advance discs as well though. @ajilslaire I know that GT4 can be played of the HD, it was actually the first method to have a fix for it, I was making reference to the POS Swap discs. :wink:

Hi, I just recently had a DMS4 SE-Lite mod chip installed by a really excellent installer here in Connecticut. He finished the job for me since I just couldn’t get the bios wires just right. He only charges $30.00 and alot of people charge alot more. He’s has some great referances on the Dms forum. If you put the name Brispet1 in the google search or go to this link

thanks for the recommendation Sue, however I have ceased modding anything but my own stuff in light of recent government persecution, and bizarre interpretations of the DMCA it just isn’t safe anymore. I still highly recommend people void their warranties and learn a little about the process of modding even when you don’t succeed it is a learning experience. Also in regard to the Indy exploit, it is a great way to mod an old school fatty PS2 the best part about it is it is portable, and temporary. However some games will still require the swap method which really sucks… however it is a pretty small amount (only the ones that don’t work with hdloader)…

actually that’s not true the Independance Exploit has been out for a long time now. It takes advantage of the fact that all ps1 games can be fooled via a modified TITLE.DB file that triggers a buffer overflow which allows the booting of unencrypted code which then allows you to boot any homebrew files you want (in the form of an elf) from a memory card. The difficult part is getting the files onto the memory card the easiest way is to already have access to a modded ps2, however it can also be done with some of the Cheat discs that are out there, also it is possible to get an adapter that allows you to plug the ps2 memory card into a a usb port and get the files on it that way. This only works in the old school Fatty ps2’s in the new slim models the buffer overflow has been fixed.

I am also very new at backing up and want to softmod as well. where can the HDLoader or HDAdvance be retrieved from?


i have a new suggestion for a really good softmod which works like a chip but without soldering or uncovering your ps2. on top it is compatible with all ps2 modells. it is a memory card called “memor32”. it is a 32MB memory card which can be via usb cable direct linked to the pc and then with an inofficial and special firmware - memento firmware - flashed. thats all. no laser adjustment, loosing waranty or similar. only you must patch the DVD-isos with the included software and then burn it. but at the moment you can only play a few dvd9 games and on cd games i don t know. but the firmware should be updated soon.
i own such a memory card and i must say it is fantastic. i have an old matrix modchip too but no memory card loader and this nasty little thing can do such a thing. u can launch nearly everything with it. and the best, you have a 32mb memory card for all your apps and saves. only con is it is very expensive for a memory card.
it s 49,99 euros at divineo.de.

hey if you haven’t found a way you can use free mc boot

can anyone tell me if you can put the mod files on a thumdrive and mod it that way or hook it directly to the pc and mod it