I want to mod my own firmware

I have a TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H492C (Dell OEM) drive that reads DVD’s extremely slow. My own DVD+Rs, even without movie content, read back starting at 3.37x and end at 8x. I can’t stand this. I want to know how I can

  1. Dump the firmware
  2. Speedhack the firmware
  3. Upload the firmware

because I am flat out tired of 20 minute readbacks.

Any general pointers, and blowing out the drive is not a fear of mine, as it can’t even burn DVD’s. So yeah. I’d greatly appreceiate it.

If the read time is 20 minutes you have DMA problems or your harddisk is fragmented. A read at a constant speed of 4x (CLV) takes about 14:30 minutes. A CAV read with a max speed of 8x should take about 10 minutes. Post a cdspeed transfer rate test graph.

I do not believe it is a DMA issue. It’s a USB enclosure setup that I have had DVD-ROM drives in before that read back at an average of 13x-14x. Turns out I exaggerated the time it took. Sorry about that. Almost dead on to what you claim an 8x CAV should take.

Your readback curve and the 9:29 minutes time are quite normal for 8x max read speed, so there is no reading issue. A read back at 6.6x-16x, average 12x, takes about 5 minutes on a Benq 1640. Again your 13-14x average claim is too high, but just a bit :slight_smile:
There are no riplock patches available for any TSST drive.

Irrelevant response: Dang.

Well thank you for your time. The sample disc was an old 4x TDK with several noticeable scratches (probably accounting for the dips at 0.5 and 3.5). Otherwise we would’ve been running a SOLID 9.25. Hah. Thanks for your input ala42.

It is not only a DVD+R but also a scratched one…

1+1 =x

What do you mean by “1+1 = X” Chef?

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