I want to make DvD+'s play as regular DvD's

Goal: I want to make DvD+R’s play as regular DvD’s.

From what I’ve read, I need to change my “Booktype”. I’m also to understand that there are programs out there that will help change the burner’s booktype setting. Right now I have my Lite-On DVDRW as my burner. It’s model number is LH16W1P and it’s at SL05 firmware. I guess if this burner can’t be “done” I also have the HP burner. It’s info is in my sig. I don’t have much knowledge with using DvD+R’s. I’m use to DvD-R’s. However, I do a about 9 DvD+R form HP (CMC Magnetics Corp) to play with.

So, is my burner good to do this?
Is this a permanent setting?
Will I be able to burn DVD-R’s when I want to?
If everything works out and I need DVD+R’s down the road, will Verbatim DvD+R at Sam’s Club be a good choice for media?
What are the drawbacks with backing up using this method?

I’m still trying to read and use that search button. believe me. However, something tells I may ruin my burner if I’m not careful. Note: I wanted to start a new thread due to different subject matter goal.

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Read here: http://www.k-probe.com/kprobe-bitsetting-booktype.php

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Link seems to be dead.

Your Liteon can be set to bitset automatically with the Liteon bitsetting tool. Here.

It is permanent but there is no downside to having +R set as ROM and you can change it back.

It has no effect on any other burning.

Verbatim +R DVDs are a very good choice in general as long as they are made in Taiwan and not India. They can have a bad run from time to time and Sam’s can have odd discs so keep your eye open for OfficeMax at $13 per 50 on sale.

Bitsetting is to provide compatibility for older stand alone players and is rarely needed on newer equipment. I still use it as there is no downside.

I seem to be having some luck with making DVD+R playing as a DVD-Rom.
However, I’m having trouble installing the KProbe program. It seems to start to install and freezes when it says “Registering fonts…” I have rebooted, and it still doesn’t work. I’ve also re downloaded the .exe file with no luck.

Can I see where a dvd spendel is made by looking on the outside packaging?
Example: Verbatim DVD+R from Sam’s.

Nothing wrong with the link, it works fine. Anyways if you goto Lite-Ons site you will fine in the download section under utilities a bittseting tool.

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It’s difficult to discern what you’re using/doing from your post when you say,
"…I seem to be having some luck with making DVD+R playing as a DVD-Rom…"

Just download and run the Liteon utility suggested and linked by chas0039 and you’ll be all set… :wink:

The link was down earlier, and now it’s up. I have used lite-on program and it works.

However, I still can’t get kProbe to install. I need this program to scan the quality of the burned dvd. I have Nero cd-dvd speed, but would also like to have kprobe. I’m still testing and reading. Thanks again for your reply.

If you really want to get Kprobe working, you should try a new post in the blank media testing section as it will not get noticed here. However, after many tests between the two programs, most here have reasonably concluded that the scans are not significantly different.

I would agree with that. I used kprobe for a long time but changed to cdspeed for comparison as its what most use. Results are identical. Its not the program that determines how many errors are reported, its the drive. The program just presents the information that the drive gives. In a sense, you could say the drive is actually performing the test and the program just reports the results the drive tells it.

Keeping with the subject of my thread…
I would like to change the booktype on my HP DVD Writer 840x like I did my Lite-On. I am to understand that I must change my firmware to LG GSA-H20L.
I’ve been reading other posts and getting mixed ideas on how to proceed. So, what is the tried and true way to go about this? Thanks. :bow:

I’m not that familiar with lg drives (don’t have one), but since no one else has answered yet , maybe I can point you in the right direction till someone does. What you are referring to with the firmware change is called cross flashing. Basically, only a handful of companies make drives, but there are many more brands, that just buy drives and slap their name on it (my micro advantage is an aopen and has been crossed flashed to an aopen, my mad dog is an nec but has not been crossed flashed (I like the mad dog firmware better), I have a plextor that is a benq (haven’t gotten around to cross flashing it). Often the firmware is special, sometimes it is the same except for a small part that tells what drive it is, sometimes it is completely different firmware (but the drive is identical down to the last screw, but the label and firmware is different). Your hp is an lg (lg made them and sold them to hp). They put hp firmware on it though as it is a hp (and the hp firmware may be better or worse, and may have certain features disabled as you have found out). Cross flashing means you flash it to lg firmware. For all intents and purposes, it is now an lg drive and will perform and have the capabilities of one.

Cross flashing has risk. If your computer is very stable and has a battery backup, the risk is very minimal. the risk is the same as updating firmware, if power dies, or something crashes during the flash, the drive may be dead (some can be recovered, not sure about lg’s). If you are flashing official firmware, a bad flash is usually covered by warranty, but with cross flashing, the fact that you are cross flashing voids your warranty). You usually have to either use modified firmware (self installing from windows), or use a modified firmware (not self installing), and use another program to flash the firmware to the drive. as I understand it, you need to get modified firmware and use a special program to flash it (just searched, not familiar with lgs so please confirm what you are doing).

In other words, surf the lg forum a little, and find what is the best firmware for the LG GSA-H20L, find the right cross flashing program, and use it to install that firmware.

I found this old thread, maybe it will help. As it is old, I would defanatlly check to see if their is a newer better (maybe safer) way to do it.

Hopefully that will point you in the right direction.

Almost forgot, here is the lg forum in case you havent found it (your drive is an lg with hp firmware, so this is where to find info, check out the stickies and or search limiting to this forum).

I am not sure about all versions of LG drives, but with the 4 I have, they can be bitset with CDSpeed. It will reset after a reboot but it works. I have crossflashed to the Buffalo firmware and it will stay with the bitset after a reboot. You really need to determine what your HP drive is before you do anything as they use different drives.

Cdspeed wont change that drive. My drive is HP DVD Writer 840x as per what the device manager states.

I’ve discovered this link: hxxp://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSAH20L
I’ve downloaded it and ran the .exe file. Then I got this error message: “Target not found”

This drive is mainly going to be a “reader”. So, my Lite-On can be a writer.

The error is because the firmware is not for your drive.

Well, is there one for my drive?

Just Look around that other members gave you the link find out proper firmare for your drive or go to the manufacturer site and get it there.

OK, it’s flashed. Now to find out how to change the settings? …to get bit setting and region free

LG DVD Writer GSA-H20L

Standard booktype DVD+R is DvD-Rom
Standard booktype DVD+R DL is DvD-Rom
Standard booktype DVD+RW is DvD+RW

DVD Region+CSS Free

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