I want to make copies of my own dvds

Im so new here and this is my 1st post.
Im a graphic designer, i dig movies and documentaries a lot, and ride a chopper.
Im not really a computer freak, but id love to make a copy of some of my fave DVDs, so i can keep the originals safely from scratches and etc. Ive done some simple copying using Roxio Toast Titanium (Mac) but only frm my region-all dvd/no copy protected discs.

I recently bought a set of DVD series (bikers build-off documentaries) from ebay. They r R2 discs but i had to buy the set since i cant find it anywhere here…
The problem is i cant play any of the discs on my player (im in a R3 region). Another is, im using a Mac and all the great copying heavens r on Windows… and i dont know where to start frm.
I humbly need someone to point me a direction :bow: . Im planning to get a PC this week. All i want is to b able to copy my css protected dvds n make them playable, keep the originals, have them displayed on my cabinet… :cool:



The best overall solution is from the guys at Slysoft

You´ll need AnyDvd and CloneDvd2

There´s a 21 day trial period
(not possible for the Mac)

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thnk you deanimator for that…

Ill try it once i got my PC

Hi if you want to back up your own dvds i would use DVD Decrypter which is free no trial! you should be able to locate a copy at www.doom9.org if not then google it you will soon find it. If you have a problem with the above program i.e file sizes too big, then get DVDShrink this will shrink a 9GB Disc to 4.7GB for you this will also tackle Protected Discs this can also be found at the above web address its also really easy to use! Good Luck

Try Mactheripper, it might do what you want (I’m not sure about the regions issue but it cracks a lot of older encryptions).

I will toss my hat here with deanimator and give his advice a thumbs up. Also if you want to save layer break go along with CloneCD.

Make sure your dvd burner is a brand name recognize and firmware is updated as well and make sure you can booktype or bitset the drive as +R media will be converted to -ROM for standalone compatibility playing.

G’day and welcome.
Try: make a back-up istead. :flower:

I still use Ripit4me. I believe it only works on Windows machines. Even though it is not updated anymore, it still does all the new movies out now with no problems at all. It is pretty much a 1 or 2 click program which incorporates FixVTS automatically after ripping the movie with the help of Dvd Decrypter. I do have Dvd Fab HD Decrypter but haven’t used it yet. Other programs you will need to have in your arsenal:
Use in this order.

Ripit4me: to rip the movie
Dvd Decrypter: for use along with Ripit4me
VobBlanker: edit out warnings, movie previews, and other unwanted junk
Dvd Shrink: shrink the movie if necessary
Imgburn: burn the movie to disc

That’s to many programs to do a fairly short process of backup up ones’ movies.
Anydvd: Decrypt or Rip to HDD, I use it to decrypt the protection and make region free.
CloneDVD: to compress from dvd+9 to dvd+5
CloneCD: to make a exact duplicate 1:1 ie. DL to -ROM DL.