I want to make a small image of a music CD

Nero’s *.nrg files are huge.
WinISO doesn’t work with music files.
What can I use to make a small image of a music CD?


The image size is basically going to be the same for all programs give or take abit. 700mb on the disc is going to equal an image of ~700mb. You could try compressing it with WinZip. WinRAR or WinAce.

What do you want to do with the image files.

Other than what Womble said, only thing I can think of to reduce size is ripping the files to MP3, but there will be some loss of quality then…

I just wanted to store them as backups. Some CDs were terribly scratched and took forever to make an image.

try rip dvd with eac , compress with monkey’s audio and make a cue.
the size will get smaller about 40%.
them you can burn with eac or divide the wave in tracks and burn in a normal program.
nero, for example.
take atention to the gaps betwen tracks.