I want to listen to my CD!



I’ve got a CD which won’t let me play songs without the CD in the PC (when I’ve burnt them). Obviously something in the CD. Any ideas on how I get them to play without CD in? :bow: for the right answer.


You may have to identify exactly what type of music file you burned.

Did you burn them yourself? If so, then do you still have the files on your computer?

Have a look…what is the file extension? Is it Blue Suede Shoes[B].wav[/B] or Blah Blah Blah[B].mp3[/B] or I saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus[B].wma[/B] ???


Right, sorry I’m dumb first of all I meant rip not burn :confused:

I’ve been doing them both all day and wrote the wrong one! Also the files are .wma .

Any more info needed? I was wondering whether there is some software that will break whatever code the songs have on them.

But I don’t have a clue. :wink:


Sounds like copy protection. How are your ripping them? It’s likely the tool you are using. Being WMA I’d guess WMP.


Yea Windows Media Player, which rips other CD’s fine.


Certainly sounds like copy protection as Dogg has suggested.

You will need software that can get around that…if you are willing to pay, then try http://www.slysoft.com/en/clonecd.html (Hint : get it before Jan 1st)


Thanks that could be useful for other things too. :bow:


Try a different app such as AudioGrabber.


tyvm all.