I want to know which Firmware version is the best for 812S@832S

As title, any comment ?

it will all depend on the media you use but I dont see why VS0A wont meet your needs and if it doesnt you can always revert back

I am currently using VS08, and cautious to go any higher.

why cautious? VS0A is doing good for my 812s@832s.
And as Liteon says “VS0A Match more media” :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure I read reports in here saying that the older modded f/w was a little better compared to the new ones coming out ?

I could be wrong thou. :confused:

Results may vary. I like VS0A the best. Some like VS04 more. Depends on your drive/media combination.

how to (steps?) to revert back? sorry for the noob question…really a noob here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is very simple, just flash your drive with the decrypted omnipacthed version of your drives correct firmware and you should be back in buisness.