I want to know if my DVD+R(W) burner surpots Bittsetting and/or Booktype

Hi all,

first of all…MY FIRST POST XD…

Ok now for the real deal!
I want to burn some ISOs(for the wii if you want to know cuz there is an softmod now)and everyone advices me to use VERBATIM DVDs(went to amsterdam,albert cuyp market i am dutch btw:P just to buy them…125 friggin DVDs)and to set the BOOKTYPE(:S)to DVDRom…

But what ever i do i CANT change it(and on Alcohol 120% it wont use the setting).
my burner was bult in a crappy PC that i got free when i went to 1st class(from lower school to middle school or something)(and a year ago)…
It doesnt have a brand name on it but since it is in a Acer PC…my guess would be that it is from Acer xD…

Please try to help me…


Quincy de Koster

EDIT:I do not know the manufactor so i have the basic firmware installed and on the ACER website there is not one availlable

If you don’t already have Nero and this in your Nero tools then download this free tool http://cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_47716.zip then with one of those Verbatim blank discs in you drive click on the Disc info tab, make a screen shot, and post it here in your thread. Here is how to post a screen shot > http://club.cdfreaks.com/f33/attaching-disc-quality-scans-your-post-119042/

This will help us see what drive and media you are using. Not all drives will bitset a +R DVD disc to DVD-ROM.

Thanks bob,here it is:

From a 100 DVD+R spindle Writable
(i also have a 25 printable spindle that explains the 125 dvds)
This tool i used was included by mu NERO8ULTRA package(yay to illegal nero lol)

That’s what i wanted to see. I’m not familiar with your drive. Here is the LG FAQ’s and there are some listings for bitsetting for you to read about > http://club.cdfreaks.com/f91/lg-dvd-writer-faq-updated-28-jul-2008-a-168082/

Someone that knows more about your drive will post and help you if needed.

Here is a recent thread on bitsetting a LG drive > http://club.cdfreaks.com/f91/please-help-bitsetting-booktype-252710/

Since this problem is solved(yay2bob)
This topic can be LOCKED!!

Glad you got your problem fixed Quin