I want to know if anyone knows how the law is in Canada for illegal backups

Ok this is the situation. My friend downloads movies off of torrent sites and makes a personal copy for himself and deletes the file off of his computer. He has over 350 discs on backup and stores them. Well recently he thought it would be a great idea to sell movies. Now here in Canada alot of people are more open to that kind of thing and alot of people have been purchasing movies off of him including me. He usually only sells to friends and aquaintances that he trusts. But recently there was one person he got in an arguement with and she threatened to turn him in. Well she reported him to the cops and tried to get more people to rat on him. About 3 people agreed to rat on him if anything happens. Ok now to what extent can he be liable? Also would I be at fault for purchasing off of him as well? Could the cops just bust him and charge him with out catching him in the act or does he have to be caught also would his possesion of over 350 movies be enough to send him to jail or fine him?

Also to add to that he has sold over 500 copies of different movies with the majority of them being still in theaters. He is in Canada and he has like a cd printer and has over 200 blank DVD’s and like 200 blank DVD Cases. Would any of that be used as evidence as well? I don’t know how much evidence or how many witnesses are needed. He also makes the majority of his sales to a small town where people could sell crack from there houses and not get busted even though everyone wants them to because everyone knows they do it.

Is this post for real? I am not Canadian but I believe the “DRM” invasion started by us (U.S.) is being paralleled in Canada as well. I believe even the most generous countries only allow you to back up what you own. Forget about the moral implications. I would personally stay away from “crack” houses or anyone who uses “crack”. Good Luck to you, really!!

you may want to PM a mod and have them move your thread to the legal issue forum…you might get more relevant views there.

In the US that’s a big no-no. I’m not Canadian though so I’m not sure what to tell you, but I’m willing to bet it’s illegal there as well.

as far as you getting in trouble for buying pirated dvds off of him…does he have records of those sales? Will he give a “client list” to the police? either way, I’m not sure how a mod is going to treat this thread since you’re saying you purchase movies that you know are illegal obtained, copied, and sold for profit and this site doesn’t make a habit of helping pirates so I’ll leave that up to them before I say any more I guess.

I think its a no-no in most places. :iagree:

Aye … in Oz, we recently handed a pirate over to the US for prosecution for helping crack & distribute games, and distribute movies.

In Oz, if you have a big pirate movie/music collection for personal use, the authorities couldn’t give a rats arse in either case, but if pressed (by the MPAA/RIAA), you can be charged (aka a nasty fine you won’t forget … but not enough to throw you in gaol).

If, however, you are selling copies of pirate movies they’ll arrive on your doorstep with the whole shebang & throw your arse in gaol for several years, or if you are lucky, they’ll just fine you $500K and then throw your arse in gaol when you can’t pay :p. I mention arses because that’s the most eventful thing that occur in gaol :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt Canada is much different to Oz, or even the USA, when it comes to selling illegal copies of music/movies.

Big Fines & potentially gaol terms. I hope those sales were worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright well I just heard Canada is less strict on that sort of thing but if anyone knows can they reply?

That’s got to be a trick question, right? I imagine that in Canada, like most other countries, if something is ‘illegal’ than it is against the law. If I were you, I’d turn myself in to the RCMP ASAP. Throw yourself on the mercy of the court and the Magistrate may be lenient. OTOH your so called ‘friend’ is gonna fry. For without the most important letter in the English alphabet, the vastly under rated ‘R’ your friend is just a fiend…JK you’re probably fine but if they want to he’s in for a rough ride.

This is as clear as it is going to get:


But the following 2 links are the best reference links for Canadians:



if ur story is for real i doubt they will go after u for buying movies, tho it must be frown upon by the law. selling movies for profit is of course illegal as they are not owned by ur friend but hollywood and they incur direct financial losses due to his/her activity. so they got every single reason to get police involved.
ur argument is here u can just go and buy stuff and to some who know where it might seem to be a common thing to do. prediction. the friend will get busted sooner or later and industry lawyers wont just f-ck around.

They’re pretty lenient about downloading movies in Canada - even if it is technically illegal. They’d probably just ignore downloading illegal movies and lending them to people, but selling them as a business is a different matter… even in this super lenient country.

If someone reports an illegal act to the RCMP, they will investigate it.
There’s also the issue of tax evasion on undeclared income etc.

Look at Michael Geist site. He’s an Ottawa lawyer who specializes in copyright issues.

(Altho saying that, there are obviously illegal movie stalls in every flea market in the country and no one seems to do anything about that :confused: )

If he gets caught selling bootleg cd’s dvds he can spen 5 - 7 years in jail. I know of a guy that was selling movies at a flea market, and he is sitting in jail for the next 5 years and also has a big fine. And thats in Canada.