I want to go back to Philips DVD8601from Benq 1620

Dear All,

Is there anyway I could go back to Philips Firmware. Reason I am asking this question is, after converting it to Benq 1620, drive did work for a month and now it does not read any CD at all. I tried updating with B7T9 but did not help. I tried Philips FW from Dell, does not work anymore.
In order to claim warrenty I need this drive back to it’s original state.
Please let me know what I could do.

Thanks in advance

By converting your Philips drive into a Benq you voided warranty. You should have known this before flashing your drive into a benq, this is a risk you have taken to do. I don’t think their’s a way back. Maybe flashing another Philips firmware will help, but I hardly believe it. Accept your loss and buy a real Benq. Or buy a Philips and don’t convert it. I feel sorry for you but that life. :sad: :sad: :sad:

You flash firmware at your own risk. When you crossflash, as you did above, you void your warranty. Sorry, I can’t help you out. :sad: